Picture shows woman with clock

Time management for study

He who plans earlier … catches the worm ? No: He simply gets less stressed at the end of the semester. Here you will find out all the essentials of what good time management can look like – and what treacherous time thieves are. What’s coming up? The division of time is the framework of […]

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picture shows group learning

Motivated to the end: Tips for the final sprint in your studies

Many students literally run out of breath towards the end of their studies. Motivation wanes, they suddenly suffer from exam anxiety or feel exhausted over the past months and years. This does not necessarily suggest a successful “final sprint” and a positive start in the (professional) life to come. But what are the reasons for […]

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picture shows student has panic

How to overcome a lack of motivation during your studies

It’s almost impossible to avoid low motivation during a degree. Hardly anyone manages to be consistently motivated to perform at their best throughout the semester. The causes of low motivation can be manifold. In particular, a bad exam result, personal issues and the feeling of being burned out or having lost sight of the big […]

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Female student motivated with books

So everything will be better this semester

When university starts again, students are bursting with good intentions. With tips from our columnist, you can sustain these intentions until the end of the semester. “Everything will be better in the new semester.” I don’t even know how many times I’ve heard these words in my office hours. Unfortunately, I had to witness almost […]

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Inflation: How to save and provide for it

Do you keep asking yourself why is there so much month left at the end of the money? And you don’t even dare to think about the next ten, twenty, thirty years in view of inflation and all the rest of it? We have found tips on how you can save, invest and make provisions […]

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Picture shows woman on balcony

Inexpensive spring furnishings: The balcony type

Are you a real sun worshiper, just like us? Then it’s time to upgrade your outdoor space for spring. The next few weeks will be all about balconies, terraces and gardens. Are you already feeling the first spring fever? Everything could be so beautiful if the balcony etc. didn’t look like a junkyard. We’re putting […]

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picture shows piggy bank

Financing your studies: This much is guaranteed

How can I finance my studies and complete them successfully without financial worries? These and similar questions should not only concern prospective students. The costs of studying are also a challenge in the later semesters, especially if the parents do not (or cannot) pay for their children’s education. In our article on financing your studies, […]

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Picture shows zero waste

Five tips for Zero Waste in everyday life

Once again you’re standing by the garbage for your building shaking your head. How can so many bins be so full all the time? Disposable products, unnecessary packaging material and, above all, spontaneous, thoughtless purchases are challenging for the environment. We’ll tell you how you can easily integrate Zero Waste into your everyday student life! […]

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Woman cooks smart

Smart cooking: Tips for students

Your budget is tight and you’re looking for solutions to save money in the student kitchen? No problem! We’ll show you how to use simple tricks to prepare food cheaply without sacrificing taste. If you follow our tips, you can reduce your expenses in the long run. Buy a kettle We know that being a […]

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picturee shows woman stressed

How to reduce stress and nervousness during the exam period

Exam time can be stressful and nerve-wracking for many students. In this article, we give you tips to get stress and nervousness under control so that you approach exams more relaxed and pass them successfully. Tips on how to prepare Good preparation is the key to success. With planning and organization, you create the best […]

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Picture shows piggy bank

Social support for students in Vienna

Because socially disadvantaged students are particularly affected by the inflation crisis, there is now a scholarship from the University of Vienna to help them financially. Applications can be submitted with immediate effect. Whether it’s living, energy or everyday matters: For those students who were barely making ends meet before the crisis, the current wave of […]

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Picture shows flatmates

Optimal flats for students in Vienna

Are you new in the city and find that looking for a flat in Vienna is a bit overwhelming? Don’t panic, there’s bound to be something for you. The first semester is about to start and everything is new: Friends, university, campus and soon your new apartment in Vienna! Here we have summarized three tips […]

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Picture shows roommates

How to get along with your flatmates

Living with others can be an incredibly fun and valuable experience, so everyone should try it at least once. After all, this could be the start of wonderful friendships and lead to the great stories you’ll tell your grandchildren about later. But like all good things in life, it takes compromise and patience to make […]

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Picture shows streets from vienna

Experience Vienna’s history up close

Vienna is a city with a rich history and culture. It is known for its grand buildings, historical sites and vibrant music and art scene. Like any city, there are places in Vienna that once existed and are now gone. On this tour, we’ll go on a treasure hunt and discover some of these lost […]

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