Short term rentals in Vienna

Short term rentals in Vienna are gaining in popularity all over the world. They’re a perfect retreat for students, visitors, and professionals who want a temporary place to call home. Here is a brief overview of such rentals in Austria and what to expect if you want to rent an apartment while visiting Vienna. What […]

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Tips for freshers

School is over, a new chapter in life begins. Exciting, isn’t it? We have put together a few tips for freshers so that you can get off to a successful start in student life. Get to know the university School was usually a manageable place where you could find your way around quickly. Universities and […]

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What should i study? 7 tips for choosing a degree

You have graduated or are about to graduate from school and are now wondering “What should I study?” We can’t answer that question, but our seven tips can help you find an answer. As the saying goes – “If you have a choice, you are spoiled for choice”. There are around 3,600 different courses of […]

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Scholarships in Austria

A scholarship is a form of financial support for students who achieve above-average performance. Here you can find out which scholarships in Austria are available and where you can apply for them. Performance scholarship A performance scholarship is awarded to those students who have achieved above-average performance in the last two semesters of their studies. […]

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The ultimate semester start checklist

Every beginning is difficult, and your studies are no exception. How are you supposed to know which information is valuable and which your brain cells are unnecessarily consuming? We have successfully completed the procedure several times already and in our semester start checklist we will tell you what you should definitely pay attention to in […]

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Summer Beach Sunglasses

The 15 best ideas during semester break

Finally – your final exam is over. The nerve-racking, sleep-robbing and extremely caustic exam phase is over. No more lectures, homework and endless visits to the library. Only time for you. A lot of time. Too much even? We’ll show you 15 ways you can use your free time wisely and get the most out […]

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Vienna Summer Events

Free summer events in Vienna

Summer has already made itself noticeable with bright sunshine, high temperatures and the best weather for bathing. This is reason for us to look for the best free summer events in Vienna for you – including Kultursommer Wien, the # dif21 summer tour, the Donaukanaltreiben Festival, summerstage, the Film Festival on Rathausplatz and much more. […]

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Studying Laptop Exam

Exam period: From minimum effort to maximum success

The holiday feeling is slowly disappearing, you are still on some island in your mind and suddenly it arrives: The dreaded exam time. A pure stress marathon for most. So that you can relax a little more in the approach to this agonizing time, we have a few well-intentioned pieces of advice – from learning […]

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Bike Tour Vienna

Top 5: The most beautiful bike tours around Vienna

Summer is approaching and we can hardly wait to spend our days in the country and enjoy the sun. That is why we have compiled our most beautiful bike tours around Vienna for you. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone here – for leisurely cyclists as well as for sports enthusiasts and adventurers. […]

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apply for student job

You should avoid those 10 mistakes when you apply

Are you looking for a part-time job, but only get rejections? Don’t despair – maybe a mistake or two has crept into your application. We’ll show you what is important when applying to make your dream job a reality. This will make your application a success! A part-time job in addition to studying – many […]

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energy booster studying

Energy booster for study marathons!

Regardless of whether you are changing career, lazy or a nerd: Sometimes we all feel like we have to fight against a wall in our brains while studying. Far too much time is wasted, the clock is ticking mercilessly, the night before the exam you suddenly become religious and send a few quick prayers towards […]

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university reform 2021

This is what university reform will bring in 2021

An amendment to the University Act (Universitätsgesetz, UG) currently planned would, among other things, result in a stricter minimum performance for students, but also a simpler leave of absence and is therefore currently being hotly discussed. We give you an overview of planned changes and current developments. What is planned in the reforms by the […]

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10 things to do for free in graz

10 things you can do for free in Graz

As a student you are often motivated to go on excursions – albeit with an eye on your wallet. That is why we are presenting you with 10 interesting destinations in and around Graz. The best thing about it: These trips don’t cost you a penny! So what are you waiting for? 1. Schlossberg and […]

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