Health insurance as a foreign student in Austria

Health insurance as a foreign student in Austria

Austrian universities are an attractive destination for foreign students. But they often have greater initial difficulties than their native counterparts. In addition to looking for a place to study and an apartment, there are also a bunch of formalities waiting for them.

One question that arises here is what happens to them when they become ill. Processes here can be complicated for foreign students, especially when it comes to parttime jobs.

Students from the EU have health insurance in Austria if there is compulsory insurance in their home country. This is basically very straightforward, but a European health insurance card is required. It allows for direct settlement to be made with the insurance companies.

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Health insurance for students with a part-time job

In Austria, activities that are performed more than marginally are automatically compulsorily insured. More than 10 hours of work per week are necessary for so-called full insurance.

This does not include one’s own contribution payments, however. Students from the EU area are allowed to pursue any activity without additional permits due to the freedom of establishment. Many businesses, especially in the hospitality sector, are happy to employ temporary workers who want to earn more than the marginal earnings threshold.

Students from third countries, on the other hand, require a work permit. However, this can only be requested by the company and is not issued that easily. In addition, most industries are subject to access restrictions. Please note: Temporary jobs may also not be accepted if there is no employment permit.

There are also other things to consider in connection with parttime jobs. On the Austria pages of the guide portal you will find further answers on the subject of studying, working and social security. But not only that, you can find interesting facts about everyday student life in Austria and what makes student life easier.

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Self insurance

Health insurance in Austria is somewhat more complicated for foreign students who do not have compulsory insurance from their home country and do not wish to take up employment. Here, the only insurance model that really comes into question is self-insurance.

If there is no compulsory insurance in your home country because you are over the age limit or for other reasons, there is the possibility of a preferential student contribution to the regional health insurance fund for EUR 52.68 per month.

Selfinsurance can be applied for with the enrolment confirmation or continuation notification. The regional health insurance fund for the place where you usually live is responsible for this. As a rule, this is the federal state in which the university is located.

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Health insurance for students from third countries

For a residence permit, which is required for six months or more, a whole series of documents must be submitted. Among other things, confirmed health insurance must be included.

Simple travel health insurance is sufficient for the Austrian authorities. If the decision for the stay was issued, the application for self-insurance can be submitted to the regional health insurance fund.

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