Picture shows flatmates

Optimal flats for students in Vienna

Are you new in the city and find that looking for a flat in Vienna is a bit overwhelming?

Don’t panic, there’s bound to be something for you. The first semester is about to start and everything is new: Friends, university, campus and soon your new apartment in Vienna! Here we have summarized three tips for finding accommodation in Vienna to make it easier for you to find accommodation as a student.

The classic: The student flat share in Vienna

Everyone knows them at least from stories or film & television: The student flat share. One likes to imagine a group of friends or strangers who have become friends for life, resulting in a sustainable (and hopefully harmonious) living community. People come and go – the discussion about the cleaning plan remains.

One thing is certain: Once you have found the right flat share or the right flatmates, nothing stands in the way of harmonious student life in Vienna. Loneliness and boredom become foreign words when you are always in good company.

This makes flat sharing in Vienna the ultimate tip against homesickness if you have just moved to the new city. Maybe you already know someone who can introduce you to the right people in order to get a place in a flat share. If not, the Internet will definitely help you with numerous housing exchanges and Facebook groups. Another hot tip when looking for a room in a shared flat in Vienna is through contact persons or notices at your university!

Picture shows flatmates

The Commitment: Your own apartment in Vienna

If you prefer it quiet and without discussions about cleaning plans, you can also get your own apartment in Vienna. Especially if you want to stay longer in the city or can even imagine life as a Viennese after your studies, having your own apartment in Vienna is the right thing for you. But here too there are a few things to consider.

Having your own apartment is definitely not the cheapest option for students. It requires good preparation and research to avoid digging too deep in your pockets. Your student budget will thank you! Here, too, the Internet is a useful assistant. For example, looking for an apartment in Vienna can be easier if you leave it to the professionals and look for a good real estate agent.

However, if you want to save the commission, you can browse wellknown housing exchanges and social media groups for the “perfect match”. The city of Vienna also offers affordable council housing, which can be viewed on the city’s website. If you want to save time, nerves and above all money, you should look for furnished apartments in Vienna.

Of all the options we mentioned, searching for your own apartment in Vienna will probably take the most time. You should therefore look around and inform yourself in good time. With the right nose, you will definitely find the right offer for your first apartment in Vienna.

Safe and flexible: The student residence in Vienna

Student residences in Vienna are a classic and very popular. Exchange students in particular are often to be found in student residences, which makes life there very colorful. The advantage of student residences is definitely that they are already fully furnished and the house is usually equipped with leisure and lounge rooms. You don’t have to worry about furniture and just bring your own things to the student residence in Vienna.


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In the residence, everyone should feel at home and live in good company. That’s why you can choose from different offers that suit your needs. For example, there are entire studio apartments with a furnished living room and bedroom and a private bathroom with toilet and shower.

For the more modest budget there are also single rooms with a private bathroom, where you share a large kitchen plus dining area with neighbors on the same floor. This way you can retreat to your own area or get to know the other residents, make new friends and support each other in everyday university life.

Coliving in Vienna offers you high-quality furnished apartments for rent at affordable prices and flexible durations. Become part of the whole and enjoy your dream apartment as well as the many advantages of our large international CoLivi community. Get your CoLivi now and share this unique experience with other like-minded people.

In addition to furnished apartments, we also offer the option of Flatshare in Vienna or short term rentals in Vienna. If you are a young worker, traveller or new in town we offer affordable ways for schooling, studying and remote work. Find a comfortable room and check out our student apartments in Vienna.

You are in Vienna and need accommodation besides your studies? ➟ Vienna apartments for rent

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