Parkhouse Graz by HUBER | Graz Tourismus

Cuisine, Culture and Cocktails in Graz: From Street Food to Parkhouse Delights

Today we embark on a culinary and cultural journey to the most beautiful places in the beautiful city of Graz. From lively squares to relaxed parks and vibrant bars – there’s something for everyone here.

Join the Lendplatz

The journey begins at Lendplatz, one of the hippest districts in Graz. Lendplatz is known for its lively atmosphere and wide selection of restaurants. It’s a great place to start the evening. After a short walk around Lendplatz, stop off at Imbiss Hauser. This place is known for its delicious Würstl and Zirbenschnapst, cheers!.

Refreshments at the Parkhouse

The end is the beginning: Make a stopover at the Parkhouse in the beautiful Stadtpark. Treat yourself to a refreshing Cardamint lemonade and perhaps the tastiest cheese toast in town in the bright sunshine. The Parkhouse offers a relaxed atmosphere and is an integral part of Graz’s cultural scene.

Parkhouse Graz by HUBER | Graz Tourismus

Sip, taste and sway with the Cohibar

Continue to the Cohibar – on the other side of the park. This bar is known for its extensive cocktail and rum menu as well as its stylish ambience. Here you can enjoy an exquisite drink, a light snack or a hot meal that is just as caribbean-cuban as it sounds.

Have a chat, music and revelry at the Kombüse

Next stop: Kombüse in the Stadtpark. The Kombüse was voted “liebste Bar” by radio FM4 and is particularly known for its music events. You might have the pleasure of listening to a local musician show off their talent. The cozy atmosphere and great music make the Kombüse a real highlight of your tour.

Back where you come from

At the end of the night cruise, you have the opportunity to stop off at the Parkhouse once again. Here you can round off the evening with a last drink and enjoy the atmosphere. The Parkhouse can be the perfect place for a last stop.

30 jahre Ballons by

Celebrating 30 Years of Graz Culture Parkhouse

The Parkhouse is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has developed into a cultural hotspot in Graz since it opened. Various events take place here on a regular basis.

  • Live concerts: with performances by local and international artists
  • Theater performances and readings: A must for those interested in culture
  • Poetry slams and silent discos: creative and entertaining events that are always well attended

The Parkhouses commitment to sustainability is particularly noteworthy. 80 percent of the beers on offer come from Austria, as do the juices and wines, which are sourced from regional producers. In addition, the Parkhaus makes its toilets available for events in the city park and participates in sustainability concepts.

Live music for the birthday

A special event is coming up: On June 14, 2024, the Parkhouse will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a concert by Graz-based band The Base, who are sure to play songs from the new album – coming out in September.

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The perfect mix of culinary delights, refreshing drinks and cultural highlights, from the lively atmosphere of Lendplatz to the relaxing surroundings of the city park and the musical experiences in the Kombüse – Graz has something for everyone.

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