Spooky Insights: Eerie Places in Vienna

Traveling to Vienna, you will notice the city’s hidden attractions in its haunting museums and gloomy corners.

Discovering eight spine-inducing locales, ranging from the Foltermuseum to the Friedhof der Namenlosen, provides an enthralling glimpse into Vienna’s chilling past and intriguing stories. So let’s go!

Torture Museum

The Viennese Torture Museum, situated in an old air-raid shelter near Haus des Meeres, isn’t just any museum; it revolves around torture. Descending into this eerie place instantly transports you back to World War II, evoking an uneasy feeling. Down below, the exhibition showcases chilling artifacts of torture and execution methods from bygone eras, displaying well-known tools like the guillotine and iron maiden. The spooky lifelike figures representing victims add to the unsettling ambiance. Unique to this place is the bunker room, where shrill sirens from World War II still echo hauntingly.

Foltermuseum Wien

Criminal Museum

Nestled near Karmelitermarkt in one of Leopoldstadt’s oldest houses, the Criminal Museum unravels the city’s grisliest crimes. With original evidence and sometimes even mummified remains of criminals, this museum isn’t for the faint-hearted. Dive into the exhibition and feel like a detective tracing the paths of these criminals through the darkest times in Vienna’s history.

Vermumter Hingerichteter im Kriminalmuseum Wien


The Narrenturm, hidden within the Old General Hospital, serves as a bleak reminder of how mentally ill patients were treated in the past. Initially a psychiatric clinic from 1784, it now houses the world’s largest pathological-anatomical collection. Displaying specimens of deformations and malformed embryos, it’s a repository of documentation for medical practitioners provided by the Natural History Museum. The eerie factor isn’t just the exhibition but the building itself, where shockingly brutal treatments were once carried out, including bloodletting, chaining, and forced vomiting.

Narrenturm Wien

Funeral Museum

Vienna’s fascination with death finds a place in the Funeral Museum. Located near Gate 2 of the Central Cemetery, it showcases the Viennese morbid funeral culture throughout history. From curious reusable foldable coffins introduced under Emperor Joseph II to the Viennese fascination with the “Beautiful Corpse,” the museum takes a light-hearted yet eerie approach to life’s only certainty. It’s the perfect starting point for a walk through the cemetery.

Eingangsbereich Bestattungsmuseum Wien

Central Cemetery

As the second-largest of its kind in Europe, the Central Cemetery houses around three million departed souls, including notable figures like Beethoven and Udo Jürgens. In autumn, the mist veiling the dark alleys and the colorful foliage create an eerie charm, blurring the boundary between the living and the afterlife. While the main entrance flaunts opulent memorials of Vienna’s wealthiest, it’s the secluded rear areas that exude both spookiness and beauty.

Zentralfriedhof Wien

St. Marx Cemetery

Unlike the Central Cemetery, St. Marx Cemetery hasn’t been an active burial site since 1874. It’s now transformed into a park, yet it’s adorned with countless tombstones and monuments from ancient times. Left to nature for years before the transformation, the park retains a somewhat wild aura, especially on grey autumn days, radiating the eerie charm of its ancient history. Interestingly, the real grave of Mozart is here—the one at the Central Cemetery is merely a memorial statue.

Wegweiser zum Mozartgrab im St. Marx Friedhof

Nameless Graveyard

Not every departed soul has the fortune of a named tombstone. At the Nameless Graveyard near Alberner Hafen, bodies found floating in the Danube from 1840 to 1940 were laid to rest. The anonymous crosses are poignant; most of the deceased were never identified. With about a hundred graves in the accessible area, it’s remarkably small yet profoundly haunting. The older section from the founding period lies in complete wilderness, marked only by a cross.

Eingang zum Friedhof der Namenlosen

Lainz Cemetery

Despite being one of Vienna’s largest cemeteries, the Lainz Cemetery remains remarkably obscure. This cemetery, with its intriguing monuments and different burial styles, has a peaceful yet unsettling atmosphere. Its fascination is derived from the solitude and immensity of the space, where forgotten stories of lives lived and memories buried remain, creating a genuinely eerie yet enchanting environment.

Lainzer Friedhof in Wien


Vienna’s eerie charm is founded not just in its scenic beauty, but also in its unsettling historical sites and secret corners. From the haunting Torture Museum to the serene yet creepy Lainz Cemetery, these locations provide an intriguing peek into the city’s dark past and mysterious present. Exploring these creepy locations can be a disturbing journey through Vienna’s interesting history and hidden mysteries.

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