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Steps to starting your studies in Vienna

This blog post is aimed at prospective students with a school-leaving certificate from a non-EU/EEA country who would like to study for a bachelor’s or diploma degree at the University of Vienna.

Would you like to study at the University of Vienna? First, carefully read the content, the admission procedure and the various deadlines (application and admission deadlines, registration deadline for the preparatory course at the universities of Vienna or for classes…) of your degree. You have to pay particular attention to whether your degree has an admissions/aptitude test. Special deadlines then apply and the application for admission to the course can only be submitted once per academic year.

If possible, prepare all documents before the deadline and ideally submit your application for admission right at the beginning of the application period. Your application will take several weeks to process. Applying for and getting your visa approved can also take a long time. If you submit your application late, you could miss important deadlines and it may no longer be possible to start your studies in the semester of your choice.

View the range of courses and find out more about the course

Take a look at the courses offered by the University of Vienna. From A for African Studies to T for Transcultural Communication, we offer many interesting courses. There is sure to be something for you too! Select a course from the list. In this way, you can find out about the basics, content and the course of the course. You can also find the contact details of the Study Service Centers (SSS), Study Service Centers (SSC) and student representatives on the study page. These offices will be happy to help you with questions about the course and content of your studies.
If you don’t find a degree in this list, then we don’t offer it (e.g. medicine or mechanical engineering). Therefore, we cannot answer any questions about these studies.

For some courses, the number of places available is limited. For this reason, admissions/aptitude tests are carried out once per academic year. You can only be admitted to the course once you have received a notification of admission and have been successful in the admissions/aptitude test.

For some bachelor’s programs you have to do an online selfassessment (OSA) before you can apply for admission. The OSA is not graded but is used for self-assessment. You will find out whether the course you have chosen meets your expectations and interests.

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Submit an application for approval

Use the stepbystep explanation for each course to find out about the required documents and the admissions process. You submit your application for admission to the course online on u:space.
You need proof of your German language skills of at least level A2 so that you can apply for admission. This applies to all bachelor’s and diploma courses – even if you first want to improve your German skills in the pre-study course at the University of Vienna (VWU). To be admitted to a regular course of study, you need a language certificate at level C1. In this blog post, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about German language skills.

Admissions will process your application as quickly as possible, but it usually takes several weeks. This is because we receive a large number of applications. For organizational reasons, we cannot provide any information about the status of the processing. As soon as your application has been processed, you will receive the notification of admission by e-mail. You can also find it in u:space under Personal > My documents. Please also check your spam folder regularly. With your notification of admission, you will receive information about initial registration online and you can apply for a visa at the responsible Austrian representation (embassy, consulate…).

Please take your time and read through the detailed information on admission to your bachelor’s or diploma course.

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More Information

Initial registration online

  • Option 1: Any additional examinations are stipulated in your letter of admission
    In your letter of admission, you will find out whether you have to take additional examinations. These can be prescribed, for example, in the subjects German, English, mathematics and history/geography. You have to pass all the mandatory additional exams in the pre-study course at the Vienna Universities (VWU). You have four semesters to do this. Only then can you start your bachelor’s or diploma studies.

Find out about the registration deadlines and costs of the VWU early on so that you don’t miss any deadlines. After you have registered with the VWU and paid the course fee, you can book an appointment for the initial registration online. During this appointment, we will verify your identity and the original versions of your documents. After that, you will be admitted to a non-degree program. You will receive an e-mail with information on how to proceed after admission, how to pay the tuition/ÖH fee and your matriculation number.

During the nondegree program, you can only attend courses at the VWU and take the required supplementary exams there. You cannot yet attend any courses from your bachelor’s or diploma studies or take any exams there. This is only possible after you have passed all the supplementary exams and have been admitted to the regular course of study. We have summarized all the important information about your time in and after the VWU.

  • Option 2: No additional examinations are stipulated in your letter of admission
    If you have received your notification of admission and no additional exams are required, you can book an online appointment for initial registration right away. During this appointment, we will verify your identity and the original versions of your documents. You will then be admitted to the desired course. You will receive an e-mail with information on how to proceed after admission, how to pay the tuition/ÖH fee and your matriculation number.

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Payment of the tuition/ÖH fee

The amount of the tuition fee depends on your nationality. The ÖH contribution is 22.70 euros in the academic year 2023/24. You have to pay the tuition fee and ÖH fee every semester in order to continue your studies. As soon as the contribution is reported as “received” in u:space, you are a student at the University of Vienna. You can then order your student ID, the u:card.

Registration for courses

You don’t have to attend the VWU or have you already passed all the additional exams? Then you can register for courses! You can find all courses offered in u:find, the University of Vienna’s course and person directory. The StudyServiceCenter or the StudyServiceOffice of your degree program will be happy to help you if you have any questions about courses or exams. You can also find out which courses you have to attend in the curriculum of your degree. Plan your semester early so you don’t miss any registration deadlines!

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