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Summer holidays – Three months of doing nothing?

After months of learning, countless exams and sleepless nights, we students can enjoy the summer months as if it’s a full-time job. A summer without courses, without exams and without professors. Yet, what do you do with so much time?

As a student, you move between all extremes of social categories in the public’s perception: Some call us lazy-bones; others call us the future of the country. For some we are social parasites, for others we are life artists.

One side yells “Get a job,” the other shouts “Make the most of it.” The fact that as a student you have three full months off in the summer does not exactly make a positive contribution to the image of the productive future top performer. Find out what this species “student” does during their summer hibernation from an insider.

Work in the summer

Holidays are a good opportunity to fatten the tight student purse a little. However, working students are no exception: About 70 percent earn something alongside their studies – the parties have to be financed somehow. Most work as waiters, production workers, banking assistants, programmers, or do clerical and promotional jobs.

Gaining initial work experience

It’s the same as working, only you usually get less money for it. Internships are well suited to getting to know professions and gaining initial work experience.

In addition, employers like to see that you have already dealt with career planning before starting your professional life. Internships can increase your chances of getting a good job, especially in crowded sectors such as marketing or journalism.

Many counseling centers recommend that students do an internship before deciding on a career. It would be stupid to study to be a teacher for five years and then be shocked to find out that you will be working with children.

Be on vacation

Oh yes, that sounds relaxing. Vacation. The word alone awakens wanderlust and releases endorphins to flow through the body. If you can afford it, spend a few days away from home to leave the strain of university behind and recharge your batteries. Nevertheless, you don’t have to go on a trip around the world – there are also idyllic places to relax in Upper Austria.

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More Information

Sports to play

For us students, the beginning of the summer holidays is a second New Year’s Eve – an old phase comes to an end and a new one begins.

Accordingly, we also have many resolutions that we want to implement during the holiday season. Sport is at the top of the list. We intend to lose the pounds we gained in the lecture hall, strengthen our muscles and finally get fitter.

We want to test all kinds of sports: Slacklining, beach volleyball, climbing – you have to try everything that’s fun. If the summer temperatures are too high for you, you can simply postpone your resolutions until the winter holidays. As Mark Twain said: “Summer is the time when it’s too hot to do what it was too cold to do in winter.”

Parties to celebrate

That’s what we students are known for. Between numerous homework assignments, exams and courses, we always find a way to celebrate life.

And everyone knows: If you haven’t been to a student party, you haven’t really enjoyed yourself. During the summer holidays we have the freedom to celebrate festivals as they come.

No university obligations stand in our way. Thirsty on Monday? Chill the bubbly! A tent party on Thursday? Cheers! Sunday morning shopping? Amen!

picture shows girls on party

Books to read

Rather. During the semester we have to be content with dust-dry technical literature. We discuss Hegelian dialectics, draw up balance sheets, solve civil law cases and write term papers.

In the summer we can concern ourselves with more important spiritual creations. Finally, we have time for “50 Shades of Grey”, “Flirting for Dummies” and “Happiness in 30 Minutes”. Three months must be enough to purge any intellect from the immune system.

Nothing to do

Between work, parties, and enjoying enriching reading, doing nothing can be enjoyable and relaxing, but it is recommended in moderation. There is a risk of developing bore-out syndrome, the opposite of burn-out syndrome.

This is a state of being emotionally under-challenged, which can result in headaches, dizziness and tinnitus. The next time you, dear students, complain about these symptoms, it might not be because of your hangover, but because of your boredom.

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