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It’s teatime in Vienna: Unique Spots for Tea Lovers

Vienna has a strong coffee tradition rooted in its culture. However, a hot cup of tea is called for when unwinding and enjoying the beautiful scenery. The city has numerous stylish tea salons and houses where tea is more than just a drink. Tourists or locals can experience tea’s special taste, diversity, and enjoyment.

This little guide takes you through the city’s charming streets to spots every tea lover must try.

JägerTee | Operngasse 6, 1010 Wien

Right next to the opera house, you’ll find Vienna’s oldest tea specialty store named JägerTee. Since 1862, they have been offering not only an incredibly wide selection of varieties, but also tea in all shapes and forms, such as tea roses.

For those who get overwhelmed by the vast selection, there’s no need to despair; simply ask the staff for some advice and recommendations. Tucked away in the back part of the shop is the Tea Room – small, simple, and cozy. Here, you can relax in a comfortable atmosphere, indulge in the aromas, and forget everything else.

Punsch von JägerTee

Teenorissimo | Wittegasse 2, 1130 Wien

This small, fine tea shop is located in Hietzing outside the center. While many consider the trip long and tedious, it is worth it because of the vast selection of high-quality tea. The shop has a vast menu with tea blends named after famous opera characters like Rigoletto, Papageno and Carmen.

Sandy, the shop owner, incorporated this concept into her shop because she was a ballet dancer, and her partner is still at the Volksoper. The shop offers approximately 80 to 100 tea varieties, and Sandy offers expert advice to help clients find the best one. Depending on the weather or season, you can enjoy your tea at a table in front of the shop or take it to the first floor. In addition to hot tea cups, you can enjoy a variety of iced tea options on hot days.

Teedosen von Teenorissimo

Cha No Ma | Faulmanngasse 7, 1040 Wien

This is a Japanese green tea shop in the fourth district run by Japanese women. The women are dedicated to bringing people in Vienna closer to green tea’s enjoyment and numerous benefits. They offer multiple green tea and matcha types, blends, and variations to suit client needs.

They also have various Japanese savory and sweet snacks, which mostly revolve around green tea, like vegan matcha pancakes and traditional rice wedges.

Haas & Haas Teahouse | Stephansplatz 4, 1010 Wien

This is the place to be if you like a traditional tea experience with matching culinary delights. Located at Stephansplatz, this tea house has a classy atmosphere, and you can select between Russian, Moroccan, British, or East Frisian combinations. There are numerous tea variations, from green tea with mint to Ceylon, which can be served with delicious snacks like sandwiches, British scones, or petit fours.

Haas&Haas Wien Teehaus

Rami Tea | Lerchenfelder Straße 94-98, 1080 Wien

At Rami Tea, you can find everything your tea-loving heart desires. Ran by Rami Ceramics operators, this tea shop uses hand-picked, loose leaves to make high-quality teas. The leaves are sustainably cultivated from transparent origins, mostly from small Asian businesses.

That ensures the tea’s quality, safety, and compliance. In addition to the tea, you can get matching ceramics and unique tea accessories to take home. You can also participate in tastings and workshops.

Regal von Rami Teahouse

Paper & Tea | Walfischgasse 1, 1010 Wien

This flagship store has also mastered the art of offering high-quality tea variations and matching accessories. It has two floors where you can find everything you need associated with drinking tea. The tea bar is open so that you can try all their high-quality tea variations and treats anytime.

There are accessories like themed gift ideas, tea cups, and pots. You can also attend their tea events, like tea times with poetry slams or readings in the Serenity Room.

Paper & Tea indoors

The Chánnagasse Teahouse | Annagasse 12, 1010 Wien

Located in the 1st district, this tea shop has cozy seating areas that invite you to stop for a short break. The special highlight of visiting the tea shop is experiencing Gong Fu Cha, the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. You can also enjoy a unique tea experience for your daily tea breaks. The shop also has numerous types of tea and tea accessories you can get for your home, office, or as a gift.

Channagasse Teehaus von außen

Demmers Teahouse | Mölker Bastei 5, 1010 Wien

This is a safe place to enjoy your tea and re-energize near the University of Vienna. It is an excellent alternative to other crowded cafes around the university. It offers a calm and relaxed environment on the first floor where you can enjoy your tea while watching the city center’s busy life. There are numerous tea varieties appropriate for whether you want to relax or get energy to study, work, or read.

Demmers Teehaus Sortimentauswahl

Sir Harly’s Tea | Mariahilfer Straße 45, 1060 Wien

This small tea shop is centrally located yet hidden in the Raimundhof. It has numerous tea types and blends waiting for you to try out. There are few comfortable seats that allow you to try out the varieties and get expert advice from the employees. Besides English tea, you can get specialties like matcha and tea roses. You can also enjoy their iced tea varieties in a shady location during the summer months.

Teatime Situation im Sir Harleys

Sonnentor | Wollzeile 14, 1010 Wien

When looking for beautiful places to enjoy a cup of tea, the numerous Sonnentor Vienna branches are a must-check. Besides the green and black teas, you can get more herbal tea selections here, with most of their ingredients grown in Austria. You can also enjoy numerous unique tea blends, from Aunt Trudy’s apple strudel to Lucky tea. There are also spacious places to sit and enjoy your tea and pastry snacks.

Sonnentor Sortimentauswahl

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