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Embrace the Joy of New Beginnings with a Happy New Year

If we embrace the saying “New year, new luck“, it’s time to take these wishes to heart. Researchers point out that happiness is within our grasp if we stick to certain principles.

lucky shamrock in a ladies fingersBelieve in luck throughout the year

Though often overlooked, luck takes center stage at New Year’s with the traditional hope encapsulated in “New year, new luck.” Achieving, maintaining, and sustaining happiness is a journey, not a destination. The encouraging news is that simple, everyday actions can significantly influence our happiness. Happiness research illuminates what truly matters and what’s better left aside.

The pursuit of Individual happiness

Happiness research has diversified, finding its place in corporate economics, philosophical quests, and social sciences, often originating from an understanding of unhappiness. Central to all these studies is the quest to define what happiness truly means.

Our personal happiness definition

When we look back on the past decade on New Year’s Eve, we often think of “new year, new happiness”. But how can we create our own formula for happiness? Science offers some guidance here. It suggests that our personal happiness is a mixture of inherited traits and factors that we can influence ourselves. It is these changeable aspects that we should focus on.

believe in yourselfStep by step to happiness

Researchers identify seven key elements that enhance happiness. Here are simple, yet significant, everyday actions believed to foster happiness:

  1. Essential for happiness, close friendships can even boost our health, reducing mortality risks.
  2. A catalyst for happiness hormones, exercise enhances fitness, joy, and confidence.
  3. As psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky notes, experiences — be it a short trip or an extensive journey — enrich our happiness.
  4. A cornerstone of happiness, gratitude strengthens relationships and enhances job satisfaction.
  5. Goals, rather than mere dreams, contribute significantly to our happiness and personal satisfaction.
  6. Live Your Own Life: As we know, a common regret is not living life on one’s own terms.
  7. Scientifically, proper hydration is key to well-being. Manage your intake with helpful apps.

What happy people avoid

In addition to our tips, there are behaviors to avoid in the pursuit of happiness:

  • Social Media Illusions: Learn to discern reality from the deceptive perfection often portrayed on social media.
  • The Pitfalls of Seeking Happiness: Lowering unrealistic expectations can prevent disappointment in the search for love and happiness.
  • Self-Compassion: Avoid being overly critical of yourself in life’s battles.


Hopefully, this article has brought a little more happiness into your life, reminding you of the things you already have and do that contribute to happiness. The ultimate question remains: What is your definition of happiness?

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