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Take a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the University of Vienna With CoLivi

Decided to study at the University of Vienna? You join a distinguished list of scientists, authors, and Nobel laureates who were just as attracted to the university’s amenities as you are. We’ve decided to host a behind-the-scenes look at the school that’ll reassure you that the university is the right place for your personal and professional development.

A Look at the University of Vienna’s History

The University of Vienna was founded in 1365 by Duke Rudolf IV. The Duke Rudolf belonged to the House of Habsburg, which was one of the most prominent families in Central Europe at the time. He received official duties at the early age of 14 and set out to elevate the status of his home city Vienna with several progressive initiatives.

Before his death at the age of 26, he founded the University of Vienna, which was modeled after Charles University in Prague. The University of Vienna is now the oldest university in the German-speaking area.

Duke Rudolf IV wasn’t afraid to take risks when it came to doing what he thought was best for his city. That mindset continued to dominate the university throughout its history. The university’s leadership believed in a basic law, “knowledge and its teachings are free”.

While other schools around the world believed that this was true only for a select group of men, the University of Vienna believed that the principle applied to both genders. In 1897, the university admitted its first group of female students to study at its School of Philosophy.

What University of Vienna Is Known for Now

The University of Vienna carries on Duke Rudolf’s vision to make Vienna a center for politics and culture with its commitment to the arts and humanities. According to Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings, the University of Vienna consistently ranks in the top 55 schools in the world for arts and humanities.

The university opens its doors to international students from over 120 countries to foster an environment that provokes critical thinking. Leaders at the University of Vienna hope that the school’s graduates will use the knowledge and skills that they learn to make Vienna a world center for innovation.

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Science research facilities are thriving in Vienna, and the University of Vienna has cultivated relationships with them and other academic institutions. As a result, the university has a growing reputation as a hub for biology, physics, and environmental science research. Combine science-based research with expertise in social sciences and humanities to get a winning recipe for progress.

Highlighted Academic Programs

Colivi offers a community of flatshares for coliving in Vienna and Graz. We cater to young professionals, solo entrepreneurs, and University of Vienna students. As a result, we get to know the professional aspirations of many of the members of our coliving community. Here are some popular areas of study that our friends from the University of Vienna pursue:

International Business Administration

With the growth of e-commerce, every business has the potential to go global. University of Vienna students come from all over the world to learn business principles within the context of an international environment. It’s the ideal academic program for a student who wants to work for a multinational corporation or one who wants to grow her small family business into one.

Teacher Education

Molding young minds is both a source of joy and great responsibility. At the University of Vienna, teaching candidates benefit from cutting-edge research in social, behavioral, and cognitive sciences. Quality educators are in short supply. The teacher education degree programs at the University of Vienna prepare aspiring educators to meet the shortfalls and make positive impacts on their local communities and the world.

Nutritional Sciences

Honest research consistently points to diet as the key to good health. Nutritional science majors help smart people to look past marketing gimmicks and recognize the benefits of eating whole, unprocessed foods to regain their vitality.

Student Life at University of Vienna

For many students, finding their way around the University of Vienna’s urban campus comes right after locating cheap apartments for rent in the city. The university has over 60 facilities throughout Vienna’s 23 districts. Its most notable historic building is located on Ringstrasse Boulevard in the First District, and most of its other academic buildings are located in Vienna’s Ninth District.


When you attend the University of Vienna, you have the chance to become an asset to the community. Coliving Vienna brings that possibility closer to reality with its inventory of shared living flats in this beautiful city.

Vienna apartments for rent have all utilities provided, including free WIFI, so students need not worry about making purchases before moving in.  When looking for furnished apartments for rent in Vienna, Colivi is a reliable partner and your best choice. Contact us today to find your perfect landing pad!

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