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Unique furnished apartments in Vienna & Graz

Become part of the community and join the co-living spirit. We offer you furnished apartments in the heart of Vienna and Graz for affordable prices.
Get your CoLivi now and share this amazing experience with other students and young professionals. You will love it.



From bed, to towels, to desk, to WiFi, our CoLivis are all inclusive. No need for you to organize or buy anything.


All of our tenants are young people that are keen on exploring Vienna. You will love the vibe in your new home.


In case you need any help or support, our CoLivi team would be pleased to help you. We are always there for you.

Our CoLivis

What people say about their CoLivi:

Ylenia Vassallo
Ylenia Vassallo
I have been in a CoLivi room for 9 months, the room and the house are very nice, furnished with IKEA furniture and with everything you need to live there peacefully. Unfortunately, not everything was perfect, after a few months they changed the windows (newer ones) but without putting the curtains back (I had to buy one myself), they usually respond quickly but not always, in the last period, in fact, we had a problem with the ventilation in the toilet, and most important a cockroach problem which they solved after 3 months!!!
Kyrill Tsatkhlanov
Kyrill Tsatkhlanov
Lived here for a year, had an amazing apartment, everything was easy-going, location was 10 min from the city center!
Sofia Rögård
Sofia Rögård
I stayed couple months in Vienna in a CoLivi apartment. The apartment was clean and corresponded to the pictures on their website.
Rose Fitzgerald
Rose Fitzgerald
There are hidden costs and administration issues with using CoLivi. Firstly there is an asterisk written into an email, not the contract, that specifies that there will be an administration fee of €190 so be prepared to factor this into consideration.Furthermore, the contract states the deposit will be returned 4 weeks maximum after moving out. After emailing, 5 messages on whatsapp and a phone call trying to chase this up, I still have not received my deposit 7 weeks after moving out and I left the room and house spotless with photo evidence.This is really not good enough and a huge extra stress added for a tenant who never caused any trouble.
Manon Bannink
Manon Bannink
I had a pleasant stay with Colivi during my six-month stay in Vienna. Since, the room that I wanted to rent was not available during my stay, I received a list of available rooms for my stay from Colivi. As a result, I ended up in a nicely furnished room, where the room exactly looked like the pictures on their website and the furniture was in good condition. Disadvantage for me was that they could not tell upfront whether my flatmates would be male or female. All in all, good communication before and during my stay, but after I left my appartment I took some time before I got replies from Colivi.
Charlelie Brevet
Charlelie Brevet
Really good ! 6 perfect month in Vienna
Teflon Radiator
Teflon Radiator
Had a pretty nice experience in Graz!
Marco Fontana
Marco Fontana
It was quite hard to get the deposit back. After one month of unanswered emails, I tried to call them but no one picked up the phone. I left a message in the voicemail, but no one called me back. As I've already moved abroad, I had to ask a friend to go to their office, but it was closed. Not very professional, sorry.

Affordable, furnished apartments in Vienna and Graz with CoLivi

City living can be expensive. Rental prices in urban centers like Vienna and Graz are high. Living in these cities may seem to be out-of-reach for many people. However, CoLivi makes living in Vienna or Graz affordable and easy with co-living apartments. CoLivi makes finding a place to live a stress-free and smooth experience.

What is coliving?

Traditional apartments are expensive and do not offer a sense of community or essential amenities. By contrast, co-living provides tenants with private bedrooms and access to furnished living spaces. The living spaces and kitchens are shared, but each bedroom is private. Everything is fully furnished. Each apartment has three or four bedrooms that are rented so that people can make new friends.

Colivi’s homes help to eliminate some of the pain points of moving to a new city. We offer furnished apartments in Vienna and Graz. All utilities are included, so you don’t have to worry about the utilities before moving in. Your rented room will have the linens, bedding, and furniture that you need so that you won’t have to purchase anything. Coliving with CoLivi makes sharing a home affordable and desirable for tenants while providing a strong sense of community. More Infos about Vienna apartments for rent.

Benefits of CoLivi apartments

Co-living offers a blend of independence and community. You can enjoy a quiet time away from your roommates in your private space. When you want to socialize, you can interact with your roommates in the shared areas when you prepare meals or hang out with each other.

Many CoLivi tenants become friends with each other. You can explore Vienna or Graz with your roommates as you get to know each other. You will have people to meet who want to get to know you as soon as you arrive. Coliving makes living in the city affordable and puts it in reach for almost anyone.

Coliving makes moving to the city easier

Moving away from your home to a new city can be scary. You may not know anyone and be worried about living far from your community. While moving to Graz or Vienna can offer new opportunities, you might also face some obstacles. You might have to find somewhere to live, make new friends, and learn how to use the transportation system and how flatshare works. These things can be daunting to people who are on their own.

Many people who rent apartments through CoLivi are new to their cities. Our tenants come from many different backgrounds and include students, interns, digital nomads, and young professionals. Our mission is to help our tenants become members of a community through shared experiences. While each tenant can enjoy privacy in his or her private room, shared experiences help to spur growth. Co-living allows residents to get to know each other and to explore their new cities with people they know. More infos about Graz apartments for rent.

What CoLivi offers

With CoLivi, you can find affordable, furnished and cheap apartments for rent in Vienna and Graz. Your room will be fully furnished and private. You will not need to purchase furnishings and can simply move in. We offer everything from towels and linens to furniture. The utilities and WiFi are free. All that you will need to do is choose your space, pay your deposit and rent, and move into your new home.

Renting an apartment with CoLivi provides you with access to everything that living in Vienna or Graz has to offer. From your affordable apartment, you can explore your new city and get to know its culture. All of our tenants are young adults who are eager to explore their new cities. We offer a worry-free experience and have CoLivi staff available to help you at any time.

CoLivi makes finding furnished apartments in Vienna or Graz simple. To find your new apartment, contact us today by filling out our contact form or by calling us at +43 670 604 04 39.