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You did it. You uncovered Europe’s best-kept secret for students, digital nomads, and expatriates. Vienna and Graz offers high-quality schools and exciting job opportunities in a culturally rich setting.

Low-cost tuition attracts students from all over the world. However, finding the right apartment can be challenging. Take your study or work abroad experience to the next level with Colivi’s shared flats in Vienna and Graz.

What Does Flatshare Mean?

Sharing an apartment with two or more people is called a flatshare. With a shared flat, you’ll experience the best of both worlds. Enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom. Save money by sharing the kitchen, bathroom, and other communal spaces with your flatmates.

Accomodation costs in Vienna or Graz are affordable compared to many European nations. However, you’ll want to stretch your budget to accommodate outings with friends. A Colivi flatshare in Vienna or Graz allows you to do this easily. Colivi’s offerings include everything that you looking to set up house in your adopted city. Electric, water, and internet access come with the rental. Split the entire cost of housing among like-minded students and professionals.

When talking to expatriates about living in this country, especially in Vienna or Graz, they all seem to have the same issue. They praise the city’s clean parks, quality education programs, and rich culinary scene.

However, they say that it’s difficult to find friends and settle into Austrian communities. By living in a Colivi shared flat or room, you’ll have a built-in community of friends. Besides your flatmates, you’ll connect with other Colivi tenants at community events.

How Does Flatshare Work?

Variety is what makes life interesting. Flatshare living allows you to cohabit with people from all over the world. Here’s how it works. Colivi carefully picks the best properties and stocks them with all of the essentials. It thoroughly screens applicants to verify authenticity and character. After selection, you choose the room that’s most appealing to you.

Still worried about getting the wrong flatmates? Don’t be. Like-minded people are often attracted to the same living arrangements. Adore the studio or room that’s near Vienna’s hottest eateries and shops? Chances are high that your flatmates do too. Adventure is just around the corner.

According to government statistics, freelance work is growing across all industries. This creates a need for affordable housing with flexible terms. Whether you create content or develop software on the go, Colivi has you covered. Its leasing contracts allow you to get furnished flats in short or long-term increments. You don’t have to look around town for used beds, sofas, and dishes. Just move in and immediately enjoy all that this country has to offer.

How to Find a Flatshare in Vienna?

Vienna remains the world’s most liveable city
Vienna remains the world’s most liveable metropolitan

According to a recent article in The Economist, Vienna remains the “most livable city” in the world. This is a title that the metropolitan continues to earn year after year.

Finding the right accommodation in Vienna can be challenging without the right connections. Don’t overpay for your room in a Vienna flat that under delivers. Seek out experienced apartment brokers such as Colivi to make the process smooth.

Every tenant has different needs. Vienna Graduate School of Finance students participate in internship programs. You’ll require a studio or private room that’s close to the business district and your student classes.

You want to learn or just improve your German at the You’ll want to immerse yourself in the city’s cafe and shopping scenes. Let Colivi match you with an apartment that fits your unique needs.

We help you to safe money and time

Most Vienna flats are unfurnished. Even professional brokers have a hard time finding a furnished accommodation in desirable neighborhoods. Instead, they tell their tenants to go to IKEA. Colivi shared rooms save you time and money. With a fully furnished Colivi flatshare, you don’t have to buy short-term items. Here you can find more infos about that: Vienna apartments for rent.

Vienna – most liveable place

How to Find a Flatshare in Graz?

Graz is characterized by its stunning architecture and cultural attractions. UNESCO designated Graz’s historic city center as a World Heritage site in the late 1990s. It’s no wonder that tourists turn into expatriates practically overnight. The surprisingly affordable city attracts students, artists, and young professionals in droves. Competition is fierce when you search for the right flat or private room in Graz.

Graz – the pearl of the south

Budget-friendly co-living is the housing solution for many young professionals. With a Colivi shared flat in Graz, you can cut your rent by at least 50 percent. Colivi furnishes its Graz rooms with dishes, linens, and towels. Utilities and wireless internet are included. You can’t beat Colivi for affordability, convenience, and hospitality in Graz. Visit also Graz apartments for rent.

Before you begin your search, know your needs and desires. Do you plan to be a regular at Graz’s Opera House? Do you want to be close to the center, the university or to the farmer’s market for the freshest produce? Target neighborhoods that are close to the places that most interest you. The Colivi team will match you to an apartment that best meets your needs (size and location), preferences, and budget. If you want to learn how to share your place with housemates, Colivi is also the best place for that.


Austria’s lovely alpine views and awesome museums fall flat without friends. The Colivi community is filled with young people who like to have fun just as much as you do. You don’t have to network alone. Get the most of your time with a Colivi flatshare. You still enjoy the privacy of your own room. We deliver affordable and convenient living for short and long-term stays. Get in touch with us today for more information about available rentals in Vienna and Graz.

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