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Student Guide To Renting An Apartment In Graz

Graz is famously known for its rich historical culture and design. It comes in second after Vienna as the largest city in Austria.
The New York Times research estimates that 87% of university students reside off-campus. This guide aims to improve the experience of new and existing students looking for Graz apartments for rent.

Important Factors to Consider When Searching for an Apartment to Rent in Graz

Students scouting for an apartment to reside ought to consider these factors for the best experience:
  • Convenience: The distance between the campus and the apartment should be close. This helps to avoid unnecessary time wastage while commuting. In addition, easy access to recreation and shopping centers should be keenly considered.
  • Security: The safety around the apartment should be well evaluated beforehand. Student safety within the apartment and on the way to the apartment is very important.
  • Hygiene: The general outlook of an apartment should inform the student’s decision on whether or not they rent the apartment. Poor hygiene measures could lead to infections and disease outbreaks if not attended to.

The guide puts across several important questions a student should answer before renting an apartment in Graz.

Where can I search for an apartment quickly?

In this modern-day society, physical house hunting has been rapidly phased out by technology. Hunting sites have provided a convenient and comfortable platform to search for an apartment.

Sites such as provide a platform that allows students to identify apartments within their budget. The flexibility and convenience of the apartments have been guaranteed. They also make it easy for students to reach out to them to seek further details.

Can I find Furnished Apartments for rent?

Relocating to a new city, town or apartment can be quite hectic. It becomes a nightmare when you have to shift with furniture or purchase them all together. Students and their parents have grappled with this sad fact for a long period. However, apartment owners and rental agents currently furnish their apartments fully. Students, therefore, are left to bring along only their personal effects while renting out such apartments.

Locating such apartments can be a headache if you do not have the right partner or platform. solves this by providing students with a platform to select furnished apartments from their pool. It doesn’t get better without such a platform.

Furnished apartment in Graz
Furnished apartment in Graz

Are Graz apartments affordable to rent?

According to the Global Property Guide (GPG) inner city apartments, Vienna is ranked the most expensive city in Austria. Its average monthly rent stands at Euro 17,2 to 21,0 per square meter. Besides, GPG estimates monthly apartment rent in Graz costs between Euro 9,5 and 13,3 per square meter. The rent is cheaper compared to Vienna’s monthly average rent prices per square meter. More infos under Vienna apartments for rent.

A student understanding their monthly budget is on the right path to managing their overall costs. Research recommends the maximum utilities and rent costs should be lower than 30% of the net income. Failure to observe such a budget will push a student to financial turmoil.

There are more costs to renting aside from monthly utilities and rental costs. Rent deposits, legal fees, and first month’s rent should be considered before committing to any lease. Some apartments require new tenants to deposit first and last month rent, legal fees, utility deposit, and rent deposit. The apartment agents are mostly deemed to be pushing away student tenants. For more infos: Cheap apartments for rent.

Agents such as are transparent in their final costs and processes. This gives the prospective student tenant the peace of mind. Renting an apartment through their agency guarantees no hidden costs. This allows for proper budgeting.

We guarantee transparency and no hidden costs

Who can rent an apartment in Graz?

Individuals above the age of 18 years can rent an apartment in Austria. This includes campus students or professionals above 18 years old. allows for youthful professionals, foreign students and expatriates to rent an apartment. You however must rent for a minimum of 3 months.

Official documents of identification are required before being allowed to rent an apartment in Graz, Austria. Therefore, expatriates and foreign students ought to present their valid documents of living in the country.

Can I rent out an apartment for the long term in Graz?

It is possible to rent an apartment for the long term in Graz. This will depend on the agreement with the property owner or manager. However, students are advised to look at the benefits derived from renting long term.

Below are some of the factors associated with long-term leasing:

  • Price: Long-term leases on apartments attract discounts or cheaper monthly rates. This is because they are favored by property managers or owners. Trust is developed in this kind of arrangement allowing for an easy renewal of the lease and constant rent.
  • Accessibility: Most property owners put up policies that deter short-term leasing. You will have better deals and apartments to choose from if seeking a long-term lease. Most property owners and agents will be more accepting to log-term leasing opportunities.

How possible is it to lease an apartment for a short-term period in Graz, Austria?

Graz apartment owners and managers may allow for short term leases. However, it is not a common practice to enter into such. This is because of the number of legal processes and cases property owners and managers get into every end of a lease agreement. Most will therefore decline short-term lease requests by tenants. This makes it challenging to identify apartments that allow for such arrangements.

Below are some of the factors to consider while entering into a short-term lease agreement:

  • Convenience: A tenant in a short-term arrangement has the flexibility to downgrade or upgrade to an apartment of their choice depending on the circumstance. A student or young professional on a temporary contract can easily take up a low-cost apartment at the end of their contract. allows for 3 months of short-term agreements with students and young professionals. This positions them as the better service provider in the market.
  • Legal Demands: Short-term lease agreements call for frequent drafting of the agreements with advocates. This happens at every point of contracting. This makes it an expensive option for a tenant as they are forced to settle the cost.


Apartments are readily available in Graz for both short-term and long-term rental leasing. They are affordable to rent for all walks of life unlike large cities such as Vienna. promises comfort and convenience in their apartments. They offer cheap, fully furnished, and top-quality apartments in Graz. Enjoy the rich historical culture and design of Graz in Austria at the comfort of your apartment.

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