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Your Ideal Apartment in Vienna

A Better Guide to Living in Vienna

A lifestyle worth celebrating doesn’t come about by accident.

We must each carefully think about where we want to live and with what type of people.

The world is rapidly changing, yet the traditional ways of Vienna, Austria, continue to inspire us. We closely considered the European landscape because the difficulties of creating the life you want always starts with finding a place to call home. There is no beginning or ending age for those who’re bettering themselves.

If you’re among the millions who see the inner city as a dwelling, then consider the costs. People like you are often surprised; with the right help, they find spaces they never thought existed at such bargain prices.

It’s not difficult to find an open space when you’re looking, but finding a reasonable overhead with all of the amenities you need calls for help. Whether you find that assistance at our website or with a new roommate, you don’t have to continue your search alone.

A Better Look at Vienna

We suggest Vienna, Austria, because of the diverse ways of life found – change your view!

Name the profession, and a local company can be found hiring for that role in Vienna. Consider your social identity, for millions of new faces will be around to introduce themselves. Education, recreation, food and freedom are words that harness the fulfillment Vienna residents have. Historic art is at every corner and preserved in many parks.

Let the Danube River refresh you if the classic history of Vienna museums have eluded you. People like you are reshaping the potential of Vienna and are determined to remember the city’s history. From Mozart to Beethoven, what started as a trading site in the 11th century is now a hub of period architecture that you can live within today. You will love your apartment in the capital of Austria.

Why the Hard Part is Starting

You’re not the only nor the first to be captivated by the Baroque style of Vienna.

As both Austria’s capital and most populated locale, Vienna is a difficult city to get a good start in because people are recognizing its beauty and diversity all at once. Starting your new life in Vienna is next to impossible if you can’t mesh with like-minded people. Finding young professionals or seasoned travelers who’re like you will help you to build the right support system when living in such a diverse region. Renting a room in the suburbs of Vienna also makes sense.

Through a short commute, you can live at a comfortable distance from downtown while having a suitable overview of “everything.” In conjunction with unique neighbors, there are 23-distinct districts to call your own in Vienna. The inner city is often filled with professionals while the outskirts of the metro area hold families and retirees.

Landstrasse, Alsergrund and Wieden, for example, are districts of the inner city with easy access to public transportation, historic architecture and even the most profound food market in the city.

The Best Method of Finding Apartments in Vienna

CoLivi is the greatest way to find a suitable apartment in Vienna. Meeting new people, by first confirming what you have in common, is a secure way of building a fulfilling life. Just don’t blindly enter the city without giving thought to those already there. Your ideal apartment is rented by someone who has similar interests and aspirations as you do. A nice apartment is even nicer with the right roommate

You don’t have to manage the cost alone or find yourself without help when using CoLivi
Location, price and times are things you control when using a directory that connects you to people who’re experienced in living in Vienna. The best aspect of a flatshare in Vienna is your flexibility. Being able to start with a contract as small as three months gives you a chance to make a sound decision. You won’t be stuck for a year in a place you don’t like. People do make the mistake of taking the first place they find; CoLivi is how you avoid being one of them.

Furnished Apartments in Vienna

We advise you to start your apartment search with a catalogue of fully furnished apartments. It’s understandable; young tenants need time to collect furniture for an apartment. The youth should have the flexibility to live where they want to. Your stay in Vienna doesn’t have to be confined in a rental that’s completely empty. Save money while you consider your living options. The apartment listings at CoLivi are still affordable though fully furnished. You will love your apartment including kitchen and bedroom in your favourite district. All our apratments are including W-Lan.

Your costs are reduced because of room sharing

How Much Are Vienna Apartments?

Overall, living in Vienna is expensive, and the closer within city limits you are, the more you should expect to pay. City outskirts provide dynamic neighborhoods while downtown offers a professional lifestyle mixed with social activities at popular venues. What you pay in the city is based on the closeness that your recreational, professional and social lives are. What others save by living farther away, you pay for by having everything within a short distance. Here you will find more infos about this topic: Cheap apartments for rent.

Here’s a better overview of the prices and how much you can expect to pay without a roommate lowering your costs:
€ 450—There are no guarantees in your comfort, safety or social experiences when you, as a single person, pay below € 450 a month for rent. Though rare, consider a place or properties for € 390 a month but with little control over who your neighbors are or what local activities there are to do.
€ 900 —Within thriving districts, you can expect to pay € 900 or more for a studio or one bedroom apartment. You’ll pay less for your property with a roommate.
€ 1.600 – 1.700 —Three bedrooms makes more sense when you can split the cost among two other people. Expect to pay € 600 for a space that a single person has to pay roughly € 1.700 for same m².

Those Who Should Consider Rental Apartments in Vienna

*Students—Having an apartment of your own is a plus when your other choice is a crowded dorm.

*Expats—Adjusting to the pace and culture of Vienna is a smart thing to do before settling here for good. Expatriates will also find the best exchange rates when apartment sharing.

*Couples—Sharing and thus lowering your costs is the central aim of CoLivi, and this is why we give couples the easiest way of living together for the first time.

*Remote Professionals—Digital nomads need a dynamic lifestyle to be inspired by, and the options, views and interior designs we have will surely keep them stimulated.

Affordable Luxury in Your Hands

The flexibility you have with long- and short-term rentals ensures that you never acquire costs that you can’t handle. Our goal is to provide luxury standards that you can afford no matter what your lifestyle is. Take a look at our map with our available vienna’s apartments and properties located in the capital of austria. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our apartments, doesn’t matter you need the property for a student time or business.

We can offer properties with perfect size in your favorite area. Our furnished and mordern apartments make you feel at home. You will find your perfect property with optimal m² size, a bedroom with a nice view over Wien.

Start with a search at CoLivi today, and be in awe with what you find in Vienna.

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