Experience Vienna differently: Away from St. Stephen’s Cathedral

What is Vienna known for? Schnitzel, Mozart and coffee houses. Well, that was a bit exaggerated, but tourists usually take these impressions home with them. Vienna has a lot more to offer. We’ll show you how you can experience our beautiful Vienna differently and let your homeland surprise you again.

Vienna is colourful, diverse and has an incredible number of facets. The city has been voted the most liveable city not only because of its architecture and sights. We looked around for a few insider tips and are once again amazed at how much there is still to discover.

Public fruit trees, nut bushes, and more!

Did you know that there are countless places in Vienna where you can pick legally and free of charge? You can find a comprehensive map at Mundraub.org. Apples, mirabelle plums, hazelnuts, herbs and much more are waiting to find their way into your backpack. The aim is to promote nature and to avoid packaged goods from the supermarket.

On a treasure hunt through Vienna!

Would you like to take a walk but don’t have a specific goal? Vienna is not only full of surprises when it comes to restaurants, cultural events and leisure activities. It is also a treasure hunter’s paradise. There are tons of geocaches to be found in the city. Put something back in the box, leave a little message or create new spots.

Explore our capital with the Hot Rod!

Are you bored of a normal car, bike or Segway for a short city tour? We have the ideal alternative: Motorized soap boxes! With a completely new driving experience you can experience Vienna in an entirely new way and of course there is plenty of fun to be had.

Go underground!

Although bustling life takes place on the surface, underground Vienna also has many stories to tell. On the tours through tombs and canals you can get to know your home from a completely new perspective and with an added thrill.

Under the earth you feel like you are in another world, with no electric light or cell phone reception.

A break from everyday life couldn’t be more exciting.

Culinary indulgence tour at the Naschmarkt!

Well, the Naschmarkt is not an insider tip, but it is an absolute must. Booth after booth, vendors are screaming and there is an explosion of smells. Sample your way around the world and let yourself be surprised by the different tastes.


There’s plenty to do in Vienna – even if you’ve already visited all the touristy places. Furthermore, many of those mentioned tips do not cost a lot. If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay, without having to buy all the equipment, we have another tip for you.

There are affordable, comfortable and furnished apartments for rent in Vienna. Those offer an opportunity to co-live, meaning you have your private bedroom and access to a shared kitchen and living room. Even WiFi is provided for free.

Coliving Vienna helps you to move in to a new environment easily, by providing cheap apartments for rent which are fully furnished, so you do not have to worry about buying anything.

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