Picture shows woman on balcony

Inexpensive spring furnishings: The balcony type

Are you a real sun worshiper, just like us? Then it’s time to upgrade your outdoor space for spring. The next few weeks will be all about balconies, terraces and gardens.

Are you already feeling the first spring fever? Everything could be so beautiful if the balcony etc. didn’t look like a junkyard. We’re putting an end to the outdoor horror and turning it into an affordable outdoor paradise. And because some have more space than others, we’ll be devoting the next few weeks to balconies as well as gardens & terraces.

Today we start with the smallest budget and the smallest space. Your balcony. Among other things, we have used promotional items – if these are no longer available with your purchase, you will certainly find a suitable alternative!

woman on balcony

The balcony type

You don’t have spare funds for a holiday abroad? No problem, as long as you are the proud owner of a balcony, you can easily make it your favorite home. A few square meters are enough to say goodbye to wanderlust.

The wonderful thing about a balcony: It’s all yours and you don’t have to worry about a German tourist snatching the sun chair from you. With a little skill, you can make ideal use of even the smallest balcony and let the sun shine on your stomach.

The basics: Practical and beautiful to look at

Standing up is not a good place to relax or study. So that you don’t have to struggle with your paperwork on the floor, table & chairs are the first important investment. With it, you can give your balcony its first colorful coat of paint and  you get a table and two armchairs. Of course, it is particularly cozy with seat cushions and cozy blankets for fresh spring evenings.

Do you have a particularly small balcony and are you likely to spontaneously invite people to a standing party? Then you can easily fold up the table & armchair and stow them away. The outdoor furniture made of plastic is also quite undemanding when it comes to care – you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth when it gets dirty. Thanks to the material, there is of course no risk of wood chips.

chairs on balcony

The light sets the mood

Even if you like to sit in the dark – warm lighting really puts your balcony in the light. Because we are big vintage fans, our heart beats for the pretty lanterns. Solar light is in no way inferior to it and spreads a relaxing atmosphere thanks to the lantern look.

It’s a familiar problem: As soon as it is dark and you light the candles, uninvited guests swarm over you. The mood is destroyed, the mosquitoes increase in number. We ask you to stay away from chemical sprays. They often do very little and just pollute the air. Instead, you can use essential oils like mint, lavender, or clove. You can either use an aroma lamp or you mix a few drops of oil with unscented (!) body lotion and put it on yourself.

Picture shows flowers on balcony

Decorative details

The basics have been covered. But unless you’re a minimalist, you’re probably missing a bit of coziness. So get some decor! You can place one of the pretty decorative cushions on each armchair. All that’s missing is nature. This is of course limited in Vienna and especially on your balcony. Flowerpots provide the solution. If you’re new to gardening, why not start with the Flower & Garden planter – in a pinch, use it as a home for your cactus.

We know this much: Flowers aren’t for everyone. But from our own experience we can recommend that you grow a few herbs on your balcony. They look pretty and are a real alternative to dried spices. Chives, mint, rosemary and thyme are particularly easy to care for.


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