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You should avoid those 10 mistakes when you apply

You should avoid those 10 mistakes when you apply

Are you looking for a part-time job, but only get rejections? Don’t despair – maybe a mistake or two has crept into your application. We’ll show you what is important when applying to make your dream job a reality. This will make your application a success!

A part-time job in addition to studying – many students depend on it. But it is not that easy to get hold of the right job. However, it is not always due to the applicants possibly having unsuitable qualifications that the job does not work out. Insidious errors creep into the application much more often, which drastically reduce the chances of success. Here are the ten most common mistakes – and how to avoid them.

Company / contact name misspelled

A cover letter should be included in an application letter – whether by email or post – in which the name of the company or the address must appear. Likewise, the person to whom the application is to be sent is sometimes already mentioned in the job posting. If you already make a mistake here, it is possible that your application will either never arrive or that your lack of accuracy will catch the potential employer’s meticulous eye. So: Always check the exact spelling of the company, the address data and the name of the contact person.

Complete application

Depending on the requirements, an application consists of several elements. This can include the cover letter, curriculum vitae, possibly work samples, certificates and, if required, a letter of motivation. Check carefully what is required in the job advertisement and whether your application contains all the required documents.

The correct subject for an email application

Another small pitfall that can have negative consequences: If you send your application by email, you should make sure that you choose a meaningful subject. Some companies also specify a subject in the job advertisement in order to be able to assign the mail quickly. Of course, you should do it very meticulously.

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Embarrassing email address

If you send the application by email, you should make sure that you have a reputable email address. Angel02 or Sixpack99 are not very trustworthy and will raise eyebrows from HR staff.

Formulate the mail correctly

Let’s stick with the application via email: An application via e-mail must be just as respectable as an application by post. That means: no abbreviations, no flippant expressions, no smileys. For the sake of completeness, there should of course be no spelling mistakes either.

Too many attachments and files that are too large

CV, certificates, a photo would also be nice – an application like this can be quite extensive. When sending the e-mail, make sure that your application does not contain five individual attachments that the HR manager has to open one after the other, but rather combine all the necessary documents into one document and make sure that the file remains small enough to be sent without any problems.

Do not emphasize your own added value

Do you already have a lot of experience in one area and think you would be ideal for the job? Then you should not only shine with your experience, but also clearly communicate to the company what added value you bring with you. Why are you the ideal person for the job? If you can explain that, you will successfully differentiate yourself from other competitors.

One application – many companies

It is clear to any company that when looking for a job you will apply to many different companies. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give the HR managers the feeling of simply sending your application to randomly selected companies with copy-paste and clichés heard umpteen times. Give each application an individual note to highlight your motivation and make it easier to remember.

Frustrated? Don’t say it

Granted: One rejection after the other can really be depressing. But don’t make the mistake of letting your disappointment flow into your next application. Phrases like “I’ve been trying to get a job for so long” don’t serve you well.

Go looking for a job on the wrong portals

There are job portals in abundance. There you can lose track of things, especially in the beginning. But it is important to find out exactly which jobs the respective portal specializes in. Some portals are preferably aimed at university graduates who have already completed their studies – no wonder if the search for the right job is not crowned with success.

But don’t worry: There are of course also portals that target students.

A good example of this is On this portal you will find loads of student-friendly jobs in all federal states. Part-time, full-time, low-hours employment or an internship? Unijobs has something for everyone.

And the best thing about it: Lots of helpful blog posts on the subject of job search will help you make your application even better and more professional. You see: With the right know-how, a successful application is not difficult at all. I wish you good luck and happiness in your future job – because you now know how to apply correctly.

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