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How to find the fun in your studies again

You sit in the lecture, try to listen to the lecturer and keep getting distracted? Are you really not interested in all of this? And you always skip the lectures in the morning because you don’t feel like it anyway?

If you are no longer enjoying your studies and are therefore no longer able to motivate yourself, there could be many reasons. We’ll show you some tips to get you out of this vicious circle.

Think about it

If you notice that you are losing the fun of studying, you should think about why:

  • Is the course not right for you?
  • Is the university not right for you?
  • Do you think your fellow students are stupid?
  • Are you over- or under-challenged?
  • Is it actually the course itself, or the rest of your environment that’s pulling you down?

There’s an incredible number of things that can go into this and it makes sense to find the culprit first. Some problems can be solved very quickly and easily, while others take longer. But you can’t start working with it until you find out what’s causing it!

Structure your studies

Each course is based on its module catalog. Of course there are compulsory courses that you have to take, but in most cases the university also enables you to develop yourself. If you are free to choose some modules, then alwaystake the courses that interest you the most.

Don’t be put off just because all of your friends are in a different class, or because you’ve heard the instructor has high standards. It is also possible to attend events from other faculties, complete voluntary language courses or join university groups. You will never again have so much time and opportunity to think outside the box and gain new experiences.

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Find a balance

If you no longer know which way is up or down due to all your university assignments, it is very important to shift down a gear and find a balance. You have to keep in mind that it’s not bad at all if you need an extra semester to study. It is better to take a little more time, do your homework and exams in peace and have a little time for yourself.

Studying isn’t fun if you can’t also take part in some of normal student life. Choose something cool in the Unisport program, enjoy your free time with your friends, go to parties. Do what interests you and advances you.

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Set goals

What do you want to achieve with your studies? It is very important to set goals and keep them in mind. It’s often the case that you sit in your lectures and wonder what you could ever use this whole theory for.

Sometimes it’s very useful to apply for an internship and go to a company to see what the job really looks like later. That way you know what you’re doing it for.

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Make decisions

When you see something going wrong in your student life, acknowledge it and change the situation. Are your flatmates getting on your nerves? Find a new apartment! Can’t find a connection? Just talk to someone in the next lecture.

The course is not the right one? Change and find what you really enjoy. As you can see, you don’t have to leave the situation as it is. There is a solution for almost everything and in one way or another you can find one that will make your studies more fun again. We wish you every success.


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