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Tips on how to reconcile work and studies

Going to work and studying – is that even possible? Of course it is! We have summarized 7 tips for you that will help you to balance your job and your studies without stress.

Why start studying alongside your job?

A degree can help you climb the career ladder. It can also help you make more money since your qualifications are higher with a degree. It even helps some people to find and realize themselves.

There are many different reasons to start studying alongside your job. Working full-time and studying on the side is no small feat. Planning, good time management and discipline are all the more important.

Tip one: Always keep your goal in mind as motivation

If colleagues are annoying, a customer is forcing you to work overtime and you come home so late and demotivated and you just want to get on the couch, then you need it: A kick of motivation!  For example, this can be a vision board that reminds you of the goal you want to achieve. No matter what this kick looks like in the end, you will definitely need it at one time or another.

picture shows note with goals

Tip two: Get a wingman or wingwoman

Support is important, especially when trying to balance an endeavor such as work and study. Whether it’s your partner, family, circle of friends, colleagues – the more people around you who support you, the better.

Talk to selected people about your plans and wishes. Explain to them what you plan to do and how they can help you with it if they want to. In addition to motivation kicks, you always need someone to give you the necessary kick up the ass.

Tip three: Develop a study routine

Structure and discipline your day. Find out when is the best time for you to study, get through your reading workload, or do other chores and projects. If you are an early riser and like to get things done before work, then integrate your study or reading in the morning.

If you’re a night owl and you can concentrate on studying at night, then do that. It is important to then maintain and fix these times. No exceptions, no excuses. Procrastination is the killer of any stress-free life.

Tip four: Your cell phone and other things as study allies

Don’t want to give up your morning jog or after-work gym workout? You don’t have to. However, you can still learn. Use cell phones, tablets and the like.

Some lecturers, for example, have their own video recommendations for their courses that you can watch or listen to. My personal favorite, however, is the recorder on my cell phone.

Here you can record your material indefinitely and listen to it in a continuous loop while jogging, exercising, cleaning or cooking, etc. The regularity and learning units in which you really only learn are important here.

woman hearing podcast while jogging

Tip five: Relaxation sessions are just as important as study sessions

Also, take time to relax. After all, a full-time job and studies shouldn’t lead you to burnout. Your brain uses breaks to process what you’ve learned.

You see, pauses are also really necessary neuroscientifically. A weekly schedule is also really useful here. You should enter your learning units here, but also your breaks. Take your breaks and don’t spend them “quickly” doing other work. You should really enjoy your breaks.

woman relaxing after studying

Tip six: In the study units, really focus on learning

Make sure you really use your study units. Your brain is extremely creative at tricking you into believing things can’t be postponed, or using Facebook and Instagram as flimsy rewards. Honestly, this is not how you will achieve your dream; you are only boycotting yourself. That won’t get you anywhere. The magic word for effective and productive learning here is flight mode.

Tip seven: Just start

Don’t think twice. Grab a pad and start roughly planning the coming days. With the help of our tips, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Once you have made it through the first few days, it will become clear what works for you and what you still need to optimize.


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