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How you can prepare for the heating season

Some like it cooler, others only feel really comfortable in tropical temperatures. But actually everyone wants the same thing: Low heating costs. We reveal how the tiresome topic finally has an end!

Are you for the hot or cold?

One of the most discussed topics among flat share residents is the heating bill at the end of the month. Students not only differ in their learning behavior and sleeping rhythm, but also in their temperature sensitivity. Some like it hot and stuffy, others appreciate the fresh air.

So that at the end of the month you don’t end up arguing with your roommates again about the heated topic and just writing them Post-Its so that you no longer have to communicate with each other, it’s better to look for a longterm solution. The motto: Reduce heating costs and still feel at home.

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The ideal room temperature

Unless your flat share is a rare exception, everyone probably lives in their own room. And that is an advantage when it comes to heating costs and different preferences. Put simply: Anyone who leaves the house and goes to a party, for example, turns down their radiators. It’s worth it for a few hours and you can expect a pleasantly cool room. Incidentally, you sleep best at 18 degrees Celsius – cool room air when sleeping also prevents a hangover.

The optimal room temperature in the living room and bathroom is between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. You can do without excessive heating in the kitchen – after all, heat is also generated when cooking. If the kitchen is generally not used (how lazy!), it is obsolete anyway. Important when turning down the radiators: The room temperature should never fall below 16 degrees. Otherwise you need too much energy to heat it up again and that costs money.

By the way, before winter and the cold temperatures descend on you, you should definitely have your thermal bath serviced and bleed the radiators if necessary – you can get the bleed key at the hardware store.

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Insulate cheaply and reduce heating costs

Is your flat share in an old building and you are used to always feeling a slight draft even when the windows and doors are closed? While this can be quite pleasant in the summer, leaky spots are not really an advantage in the winter. However, very few students can afford to have the windows completely replaced. But you don’t have to, because insulation doesn’t have to be expensive.

To keep the heat in the room, you simply fasten heavy curtains in front of your old windows. You can also – if available – lower the blinds and close the shutters. Insulating mats behind the radiator are also recommended. They prevent the wall from absorbing the heat and ensure that the warm air can instead be distributed throughout the room.

You can also get radiator insulation and self-adhesive sealing strips for windows and doors cheaply at the nearest hardware store.

If you want to go one better, you can plug the door gap with a blanket. But as nice as it is in your private heat chamber, regular airing is an absolute must. If the warm air in the room “stands” for a long time and cannot escape, mold can form.

And now we are on the subject of ventilation: Tilted windows are the enemy of every heating cost saver and you should urgently keep your hands off them. Turn down the radiator and ventilate the room well for 5 minutes.

This saves energy and also gives a good kick of freshness. Whether you down a Jägermeister to warm yourself up while airing, go for a smoke or crawl under the blankets with your roommate is of course up to you.

With our tips, any trembling – be it due to the low room temperature or the high bill – should be a thing of the past.

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