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Student Apartments in Vienna

Finding a comfortable living situation in a new place can be challenging. For students and travelers staying temporarily, it is even more challenging. High rent prices and long contracts offer several challenges for those who are visiting a city on a short-term stay.

Fortunately, student apartments in Vienna are a convenient and affordable solution. They are a great choice for students and young workers traveling to Austria.

How does it work?

It is an affordable way to find an available accommodation in Vienna, whatever the purpose of your trip. Whether you will be staying in the city for schooling, studying at an university, remote work or travel, they are a great option. They offer more flexibility than standard ones with shorter rental periods, some as low as three months.

The accommodations have at least two separate rooms to allow for multiple flatmates, providing a lower monthly cost. The other tenants in the apartment buildings also share similar lifestyles as fellow young professionals or students, providing an overall positive environment.

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The Advantages of Student Apartments

Student apartment living has several advantages compared to standard accommodations. Its a great way to save money and avoid long commitments. They are much more affordable, with lower rent prices that vary depending on your needs.

These furnished apartments for rent in Vienna include essential appliances so that you do not have to buy furniture or equipment for your stay. You will only need to worry about bringing your belongings to your room.

Student housing is much more accommodating to the life of a student or traveler. They offer few commitments and no long contracts. They offer rental periods starting at three months, which is much more accommodating than a year-long contract. They are located in prime locations, making it easy to navigate the city and be near the university.

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Staying in a modern student accommodation also offers the opportunity to meet and live with like-minded people. Student apartment living includes one to six flatmates. Living in close quarters with fellow students or travelers is a great resource, especially if you are new to Austria. A like-minded roommate can make a great person to explore the city with and get to know.

How to Find a Student Accommodation in Vienna?

It can be challenging to find a student apartment to rent when you are not familiar with an area. Fortunately, you have options for finding a housing online before you leave for your trip. One of the best resources for finding cheap apartments for rent is CoLivi. At Coliving Vienna, you can browse through over 100 listings of flats for rent.

We offer rooms for any lifestyle. Our listings include a wide range of sizes, amounts of flatmates and rent prices.

We know everyone is different, so our listings include many different flats. Our search tool makes it easy to filter for the price, location near of universities and size of the room and accommodation that you are looking for.

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Who Can Rent a Student Accommodation?

Different apartment complexes may have different rules and requirements regarding who may rent their accommodation. With CoLivi, anyone can rent our listed flats; they are not exclusive to just students. Our shared flats are great for anyone looking for a furnished, all-inclusive apartment with few commitments.

We recognize that plenty of lifestyles would benefit from an affordable, communal and comfortable place to stay, and our doors are open to students and young professionals on a short-term stay in Austria. At CoLivi, our goal is to provide a positive environment for all tenants.

The Costs

The cost can vary depending on their size, location, and included amenities. However, it is easy to find affordable options that match your budget. At, rooms for rent are listed as low as 395€ per month. Flats often range between 395€ and 1000€ per month, while the average rent price is about 550€ per month.

Many of our highlighted accommodation offer not only low-cost but also great value. It is all-inclusive, meaning that you will also have access to furniture, kitchen and free WLAN, helping you save your money for the rest of your travel.

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Overall, flatshare in Vienna is a cost-effective solution to your apartment search. Living with a flatmate will help reduce the monthly rent and open up more options for your housing search. CoLivi provides many listings of accommodation situations so that you can avoid the hassle of trying to find a flexible rental elsewhere.

Find Your Living Space in Vienna

For more information about Vienna apartments for rent, browse through our listings on Avoid the stress of trying to find an affordable apartment in an unfamiliar city. Instead, take advantage of all of the benefits and accommodations.

Find your dream living situation on today! Contact us, if you have any questions! We are looking forward to help you!

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