Tipps for shared student apartments

Finding the right shared apartment is rarely an easy task. This makes the feeling of having found your shared four walls and being able to enjoy a nice place to stay with friends for the next few years all the more fantastic.

That’s why we’re giving you 5 tips on how you can go about your apartment search without crying and biting your nails nervously.

picture shows friends
Be aware in advance that you must and should make compromises

Where should it be? Compromises make it cheaper.

Of course, the closer to the center, the closer to the cool student bars, the brand-name stores, etc., the better. But is that really necessary? The campus, as your daily contact point, is often not in the city center anyway, and a quick connection is, in relative terms, much more important than the proximity to your favorite bar.

Our tip: Before doing this, think about which locations are acceptable and which are not. Because the further away you are from the hip areas, the cheaper your rent will be.

Consider that the newly established shared apartment can be located further out, as long as public transport is not far away, the area is safe and it still covers some must-haves (close to shops for daily needs, quick access to green areas, good connections for the trip home at the weekend etc.). For example, find out which district of Vienna actually suits you best by taking the quiz about the best district for you.

What should it have inside? Compromises make the search easier.

If you look at the search factors on the real estate portals, you will get a good idea of which points are considered important furnishings. Kitchen available – yes, no or doesn’t matter? Balcony or outdoor area – yes, no or doesn’t matter? Heating with gas – yes, no or doesn’t matter? Talk in advance about what absolutely needs to be there.

Our tip: Be clear about what would be okay regarding factors that don’t seem so great at first glance. This makes it easier for you to search successfully because the competition is smaller. Are any of you rarely around, prefer to meet close friends elsewhere, are handy, or sleep peacefully behind a bookshelf room divider anyway? Then you can take the apartment with a connecting room.

Are you all not master chefs and prefer to eat what you’ve ordered and defrosted – but at a big table? Then you can still find the apartment with the microkitchen great, because your shared life is mainly lived at the dining table in the hallway.

The right search: How many eyes and ears should you have open?

The right search portals are: many search portals! Every landlord or broker prefers to use a different housing portal. So it’s best to browse through several of them regularly and comb through a good mix of large and small search portals on the Internet. This way you can keep track of things and you won’t unintentionally miss out on a great bargain.

Our tip: Set a search filter and have an alert sent to you. If you have the opportunity, set your filters on the apartment search portal. Whenever a new suitable offer comes in, you will be informed immediately by e-mail.

Our 2nd tip: Reactivate your social media accounts and post your apartment search on the wall. Maybe Benedikt, with whom you sweated your way through the “Introduction to Education” exam, has just broken up his shared apartment and has to look for new tenants himself. Then you can all benefit!

Bild zeigt Freunde auf Couch
The internet is a good starting point for getting to know flat-sharing communities and friends

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Overdoing the property search: Too many cooks?

Depending on how many student colleagues or friends you would like to live with, clearly define how your search will go. Does everyone look for themselves and let the others know in a message group?

Or do you all search together during an evening with pizza and beer? Coordinate yourselves so that you don’t get frustrated because some may participate more actively than others.

Our tip: It’s worth clarifying beforehand who is particularly picky and makes the decision about the styles of kitchen handles, or who of you doesn’t really care as long as there are 4 walls, a ceiling and a floor.

If you are planning to look for a shared apartment, as in many areas, too many cooks can spoil the broth. In addition, it becomes difficult to arrange a viewing appointment when 5 people are supposed to be available at the same time. Identify the two who care most about the details and let them preview the apartment.

Picture shows woman sitting on couch
Think about who should take care of the important points in a shared flat

The viewing is coming up: Realize your strengths!

Do you think students are always at a disadvantage when viewing apartments? Luckily that’s not the case! On the one hand, many apartments are tailored for sharing and are therefore mainly rented out as such. On the other hand, you are mostly childless, young people. The noise that comes from the apartment’s monthly party is often easier to tolerate than the screaming of children, which might run around the clock.

If you already have a part-time job or a guarantee from your parents, then the issue of regular rent payments is quickly forgotten. By the way, you can read about how to successfully make contact beforehand in order to make a good impression in Immowelt’s best strategies for looking for an apartment.

Our tip: You are also prospective academics and that sounds excellent to agents’ ears. So feel free to talk about your plans for the future. “I’m currently studying law in order to later start as a lawyer at a tax law firm” – sounds great, doesn’t it? You don’t have to say that your favorite hobby is being a party student.

The landlord’s commitment and later the signing of the lease are also quite important. Here you should not be unprepared, because it involves the signing of documents. Here, too, there are some useful tips in the Immowelt apartment search tips.

We hope we were able to make the search a little easier for you and your future roommates.

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