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Scholarships in Austria

A scholarship is a form of financial support for students who achieve above-average performance. Here you can find out which scholarships in Austria are available and where you can apply for them.

Performance scholarship

A performance scholarship is awarded to those students who have achieved above-average performance in the last two semesters of their studies. You can apply to the Dean’s Office or the head of your university or college. That is also where you can find out which requirements you have to meet for a performance scholarship.

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Funding scholarship

Funding scholarships support students in the preparation of scientific or artistic work (diploma theses, dissertations, project work). You can also apply for this to the Dean’s Office or the management of your university or college.

International scholarship and travel allowance

If you receive study grants and would like to study abroad, you are entitled to an international scholarship for a maximum of 20 months (academies: a maximum of 12 months).

The amount of the international scholarship depends on the country abroad where you will be studying. However, it is limited to a maximum of 582 euros per month.

Mobility grant

A mobility grant is a financial award for the entire duration of a study abroad in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. You can apply for it at the relevant scholarship office of the student grant authority.

You can find detailed information about the mobility grant here.

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Language scholarship

If you have been granted a scholarship to study abroad, you can also apply for a language scholarship; this is a grant for a language course in connection with your study abroad. You can complete this language course in Germany or abroad.

You must also submit this application to the relevant scholarship office of the study grant authority. You will also find all further information about the language scholarship here.

Graduation scholarship

Students who worked during their studies or who looked after their children and who have almost achieved their study goal can receive a graduation scholarship co-financed by the European Social Fund.

You can find all information about requirements and how to apply here.


Self-supporting scholarship

This scholarship supports students who have worked before or during their studies. The entitlement exists if you have earned an income of 7,272 euros for two years prior to submitting the application, your parents’ income is not included in the calculation. The age limit of 30 years at the beginning of the course can be increased to 35 years by providing evidence of more than four years of self-support.

Further information on scholarships and the application forms can be found on the homepage of the BWFW (Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy) or the study grant authority.


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