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The ultimate semester start checklist

The ultimate semester start checklist

Every beginning is difficult, and your studies are no exception. How are you supposed to know which information is valuable and which your brain cells are unnecessarily consuming?

We have successfully completed the procedure several times already and in our semester start checklist we will tell you what you should definitely pay attention to in the area of insurance, finance, internet & mobility! Important informations if you are looking for Vienna apartments for rent.


Something can always go wrong – and although we don’t want to tempt fate, you should be aware of this fact. But don’t let this worry you – as a student, you have a few ways in which you can be on the safe side, at least financially.

I am sure you will know what we are talking about when we mention “student union fee” (“ÖH-Beitrag”). However, most students don’t actually know what exactly it is they are paying for. 70 cents of this fee go towards the student union insurance every semester. What does this mean? It means that you are automatically insured against accident and liability.

insurance list

And what about minor health problems? In many cases, students are also insured with their parents. However, if you do not meet the requirements, you are not covered by health insurance and will have to pay for medical costs or hospital stays yourself. In such cases, we advise you to take out your own insurance. There will be a suitable package tailored to your income and employment base.

When it comes to insurance and finance, of course, your possessions also come into consideration. Many students move into a shared flat in order to save costs and to take the first step towards self-employment. The problem is that often only the main tenant is insured and everyone else will suffer a loss in the event of damage – or each individual sub-tenant would need to take out their own household insurance. Because this is as cumbersome as it sounds, there are insurance companies who offer insurance policies specifically for shared apartments. More infos you will find under flatshare Vienna.

Student account

When it comes to insurance and finance, students are in good hands – and not only with us! In the banking industry you are part of a much sought-after target group and that naturally comes with some advantages. You are therefore in a position to be extremely selective about which bank you entrust the contents of your piggy bank to. In most cases you will get free account management and support, adjusted credit card conditions and a special welcome gift.

bank card

You could receive a scholarship if you or your parents are unable to cover the costs associated with your studies with your own funds. Your entitlement to a scholarship depends on your social eligibility and the required academic . It is difficult to generalize an amount here – a scholarship can range from € 5 / month to € 800 / month. As a recipient of the scholarship, you will also be entitled to a travel allowance.

But there are other ways to increase your tight budget, too. It is definitely worth taking a look at scholarships for individuals earning their own livelihood, graduation scholarships and international scholarships. And if you are already a proud mum or dad, the arrangements for studying with a child could be of interest to you. And colivi will help you to find cheap apartments for rent.

Internet & telephone

What would a student be without a smartphone, laptop and the internet? These days, this is simply unimaginable. When it comes to the Internet, you should first of all be clear about your requirements and, of course, what budget you have. This will determine the type of connection (VDSL, cable internet, DSL, fibre optic or LTE) and of course the provider you choose.

However, it may also be that you do not have a choice due to structural requirements. Incidentally, the Chamber of Labour’s Internet tariff simulator and the mobile phone tariff simulator provide a little help in making decisions. At our furnished apartments for rent in Vienna you will find best infrastructure for your study time in Vienna or Graz.

Mobility: The semester ticket

Bus, train, tram. Almost every student depends on public transport. This is no wonder, since having your own transport can turn your financial situation upside down and is completely unnecessary in most student cities. But the cost of public transport can no longer be underestimated. The discounted semester ticket ensure that you won’t become a fare dodger just because you don’t have change on you! The area of validity, requirements and costs vary depending on the federal state.

  • Vienna: For students under 26 whose main place of residence is in Vienna, the Wiener Linien semester ticket costs € 75. For those who live in Burgenland or Lower Austria, it costs € 150, but you will receive a subsidy of 50% and thus end up paying € 75.
  • Styria: Styria has a Top Ticket. This costs € 156, and is valid for one semester and all public transport throughout the whole of Styria.

Car- & bike sharing

Sharing is caring! This is probably not the first time you see this expression. Sharing is absolutely in, and we’re huge fans of it. After all, what’s the point of everyone having a car in their garage that they only take out once a month? The same goes for your bike, of course.

During the semester you will usually have no shortage of public transport. But what if you want to give the stuffy subway a miss, go on a trip or visit your parents in the country? This is where the countless sharing offers will stand you in good stead. There are rental bikes in both Vienna and Graz.

For lazy students or long journeys, a bicycle is of course not the ideal means of transport – for this you need a car! In most cases, the principle is very similar for all sharing providers. Once you have registered, you will be able to see where the next free car is. The you simply unlock it with the help of an app or a card, and off you go (carefully, now!).


We hope our checklist will bring some order to the initial flood of information and wish you a good start to the semester!

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