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The 15 best ideas during semester break

Finally – your final exam is over. The nerve-racking, sleep-robbing and extremely caustic exam phase is over. No more lectures, homework and endless visits to the library. Only time for you. A lot of time. Too much even?

We’ll show you 15 ways you can use your free time wisely and get the most out of your semester break.

Meet friends

Especially if you study at different universities, it can be difficult to see your friends regularly during the lecture period. So make sure to use the semester break to catch up on what you missed and do as much as you can together.


If you have several weeks or months off between the semesters, a longer trip is a good idea. Because in later working life, a longer break will probably be difficult or even impossible. So use the time, if you can, to go on a short trip around the world, for example. Not only does this make for some great memories, it also helps you become more independent and mature.

woman traveling, standing on top of a canyon


Does your wallet say no to point 2? Then just use the time to earn a little something. In the summer months in particular, temporary workers are often sought in factories, restaurants or supermarkets. Of course it won’t be your dream job, but it still looks good on your résumé – because it shows that you are hard working.

Do an internship

An internship is a great plus for your resume and your future career. On the one hand you can get a taste of professional life and scout out interesting companies, on the other hand you gain valuable practical experience that makes you very interesting for employers.

Weekend getaways

Just because you work during your semester break doesn’t mean you have to stagnate at home. You still have the weekends when you can go on short trips and city breaks.

Just make a list of destinations and tick them off weekend after weekend.

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Take care of your body

When the stress subsides, you can take care of your body again. After all, it endured a lot during the semester: Lack of sleep, little exercise, fast food, litres of coffee … In short, it is time to bring the old clunker back into shape. Polish up the exterior a bit, change your diet and of course a lot of exercise.

group of women doing yoga


Now that you have enough time again, you can devote yourself to a long-forgotten hobby or try something completely new. Whether sewing, pottery or writing, a hobby relaxes and promotes your creative streak. Feel free to try something new – maybe you will come across previously unknown talents.

Learn a language

“Language is the key to the world,” Wilhelm von Humboldt once said. And he’s right: In times of global networking, foreign language skills are more important than ever. The more languages you speak, the higher your value in the job market. And not only that: you can communicate better while on vacation and make new contacts.

Additional courses

Are you an extreme brain athlete and can’t get enough of learning? Then simply quench your thirst for knowledge in one of the many additional courses that almost every university offers during the semester break.

But make sure that you have enough time to relax in addition to all the extra courses.


The semester break is also a great opportunity to top up your karma account. For example, you could help out in an animal shelter or take a look at national and international aid organizations – they can use every helping hand.

group of young people help with food donation

Visit family

It is common knowledge that home is best. And no matter how hunchbacked, annoying and crazy the relatives are, you still love them. And you give them great pleasure when you come to visit them again.

A longer stay with the family has not only an emotional but also a practical value: namely, free meals.

Improv theatre

Sounds strange at first. But it’s one of the best (and most fun) ways to become more confident and quick-witted. You train to speak calmly in front of others, to react spontaneously and confidently to changes and to control your body language.

Clean up and remodel

You think your mountain of laundry is slowly deserving a name, as big as it is? And can you make dust angels on your floor while admiring the cobwebs on the ceiling?

Then it is time for a large-scale cleaning and tidying up operation. You will not only be amazed by the real size of your apartment or room, but you will also feel much more comfortable in it.


During the semester break, you should definitely take some time for yourself and think about your future plans and wishes. Do you really enjoy what you do? Do you already know where you want to be in 5 years and are you on the right track? If so, then very well!

Preparation for the coming semester

Sure, you should definitely relax during your semester break and take a break from university. Nevertheless, towards the end you can start working through knowledge gaps and difficult scripts. If in doubt, this can save you a lot of sleepless nights and give you a significant head start for the next semester.

student holding books for university


Semester breaks are not always actual holidays, but with the right planning and time management you can still get a lot of free time. But you should use it properly and not waste it unnecessarily – because in retrospect it can be very frustrating.

No matter what your plan is – do it. Because after your studies you will hardly ever have such a long time off again.

Get in touch with us, if you have more questions. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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