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My studies in times of corona

The corona virus has found its way all over the world and turned life as we knew it upside down in Austria as well. The universities were not spared from this either. In this article, you will learn what effects can be felt in the field of studying.

Effects of corona on the world of study

The past university semesters in Austria, as in many other European countries, had to be carried out as digital semesters across the board due to the coronavirus. In the meantime, however, something has happened. Since 8 February 2021, the universities and colleges have been allowed to relax.

However, this is only under strict measures to protect against Covid-19. What these measures look like in concrete terms is determined by the respective educational institutions themselves and on their own responsibility.

Summer semester 2021 starts mostly digitally

Colleges and universities will primarily start distance learning in the summer semester 2021. Face-to-face courses and exams are generally possible again subject to strict health protection measures, but no “mass lectures” are planned.

distance learning online class

Many libraries, reading rooms and learning zones are allowed to open their doors if the infection rate permits. Universities and colleges determine the respective conditions and protective measures individually.

Since the need for psychological counselling has increased by 25 percent in a year, the number of full-time employees in psychological student counselling in Linz, Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Klagenfurt and Vienna will increase by 40 percent from Easter 2021.

Winter semester 2021/22: The 3-G rule for face-to-face university operations

The existing 2nd Covid-19 University Act only provides that universities and technical colleges can request a negative covid test for participation in face-to-face events. An amendment to the law provides that students as well as university and college employees can take part in face-to-face university operations in compliance with the 3-G rule (vaccinated, tested, recovered).

This regulation should initially apply until the end of the winter semester. The implementation of the 3-G rule as well as the design of further protective measures is the responsibility of the individual educational institutions.

Corona study funding – summer semester 2020 is not counted

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) has declared the summer semester 2020 as a “neutral semester” with regard to student funding. The semester is therefore not counted for the funding period of study grants, mobility grants and graduation grants. There were these important regulations for the summer semester:

  • The grant continued to be paid out
  • Eligibility period was extended by one semester if required
  • Exceptionally, no academic success had to be proven

You can also read more background information on this as well as current reports on the universities and colleges in the corona situation on the BMBWF website.

Opportunity for further education – educational leave for corona

During the corona pandemic, employees have the opportunity for further training as part of educational leave. During this period, time off work is granted and the free time gained is used to take a course.

The employer can take advantage of this, especially in the current situation, because the Public Employment Service (AMS) pays a further training allowance for the duration of the educational leave and no wages are paid by the employer.

You can find detailed information and all the necessary requirements for this on the AMS website and the website of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Family and Youth.

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The time of distance learning

Wherever many people come together, the coronavirus is likely to be an issue for a long time to come. In lecture halls, seminar rooms and university libraries – here too, Covid-19 creates major challenges. In this regard, digital learning is a good means of moving forward in this chaotic time.

distance learning student with mask

While face-to-face universities are now working on expanding the range of digital courses across the country, distance learning universities are already well positioned in this regard.

Distance learning is becoming more and more attractive in the wake of the corona pandemic.

A distance learning course has these advantages, among others:

  • Not affected by the impacts of corona
  • Proven distance learning concept
  • Flexibility in terms of time and place
  • Digital exchange with other students at home and abroad

Recipe for success for productive distance learning

Focused self-study in the university library and discussing with other students in study groups are currently only possible with strict protective measures and with a lot of effort. In order to be able to study effectively in your own home, it helps if a few basic things are observed.

These tips can help you with distance learning:

  1. Get out of your dressing gown and into your everyday outfit
  2. Create a good work space
  3. Banish the smartphone from the room
  4. Prepare daily or weekly plans
  5. Set solid goals
  6. If you have difficulties, seek a virtual dialogue with fellow students or lecturers
  7. Build and maintain routine

Together against COVID-19

One thing has been shown by the spread of the coronavirus: We all have a responsibility to contain the effects. It is therefore important all over the world to protect high-risk patients, observe hygiene measures, keep your distance and help each other. Together against the pandemic!

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