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10 things you have to do as a student in Vienna

Anyone who thinks that studying is limited to endless learning sessions and rushing from lecture to lecture is mistaken. This new phase of life awaits you with a wealth of offers and opportunities.

But what do you really have to experience during your own university days in Vienna? Here are out tips for all students who stay in Vienna over the summer and all those who start university life again in autumn!

We present ten things you should experience in Vienna when you study there. Pen out and to-do list created, we hope you enjoy reading and, above all, trying it out!


Many art and cultural institutions in Vienna seem to be aware of the rather limited student budget and orient their offers accordingly.

Burgtheater, State Opera, Theater in der Josefstadt, Volksoper and various museums attract students with really inexpensive remaining space allocations and reduced prices.

You can find more information on various ticket offers in our article on how to enjoy culture in Vienna on the cheap, in our list of cheap ways to go to the theatre in Vienna and in our article on annual tickets that really pay off in the truest sense of the word.

When the student apartment becomes a common room

Your studies lure you to the big city, and you finally have to (or are allowed to) fly the nest?

But finding student apartments in Vienna turns out to be a real challenge? Since we know all too well how tedious it is to dig through the offers, we have a tip for you: With the fully furnished apartments for rent in Vienna and Graz from CoLivi, you can simply save yourself the nerve-racking search and arrive in the city immediately.

Or you share your flat with roommates. More information and what exactly flatshare means can be found here: Flatshare Vienna

Both Viennese houses are in the best locations and have the best connections – so you can easily create your home base for the most exciting time of your life in the CoLivi Vienna.

After all, you can meet new people there in no time at all and with the other residents, your four walls will become a real community space in no time at all.

Front view vienna libarty
The university was founded in 1365.

Study marathon in the main university library

The main university usually casts a spell over students the first time they enter and amazes with its history and architecture. One trip to Hogwarts, please? A special jewel of the university is the library, which is guaranteed to give you that Hogwarts feeling.

You sit at long wooden tables, in the glow of green banker lamps in a historical atmosphere, because the library, founded in 1365, is considered the oldest of its kind in the German-speaking world.

Currently you need a reservation in advance due to circumstances. And if the main library of the University of Vienna should become overcrowded again, you will find other libraries in Vienna where you can study and work using this link.

Those who prefer to be productive in a café will certainly find a suitable place in those with a homey feel.

University main building, staircase 2, 1st floor, Universitätsring 1, 1010

Eat well and do good at the same time

Between study stress and part-time jobs, there is often no time to cook. And honestly, who doesn’t want to treat themselves to something special after a long day instead of throwing together a meal for one at home?

With Too good to go you can, and very cheaply. The app is designed to reduce food waste.

If you set your location on the map, you can see which bistro in the area offers leftover lunch menus at a lower price, which bakery offers baked goods left over from the day at a reduced price in the evening and which restaurant would rather bring uneaten food to hungry men and women before the kitchen closes for a cheaper price instead to let them go into the trash.

What the app offers varies greatly from district to district – depending on how many gastronomy partners there are in the area. While those who live and work in the 7th District have plenty of choice, in other parts of the city things are a bit different.

But if you take a look at the app often, you’re sure to dust off something tasty at a reasonable price, do something good for the environment and support the companies in the process.

Wine Glass with white wine
In Vienna, wine is grown on over 600 hectares.

Go a sparkling wine at Heurigen

The fact that wine is grown on more than 630 hectares in Vienna and that our beloved ex-mayor also appreciates it so much in the form of sparkling wine is more than reason enough to pay a visit to one of the wonderfully idyllic wine bars in Vienna.

Especially in summer and then in autumn during the stormy season, the Buschenschanken are ideal for toasting with new university friends and fellow students and getting to know a new part of Vienna.

Watching crime mysteries with friends

Anyone who thinks crime mysteries are something for the older generation to end the weekend comfortably on a Sunday evening is mistaken.

For several years, there has been a real hype about the weekly date and in some locations in Vienna, you can follow the thriller together and, above all, free of charge on the big screen.

Normally, performances of the most popular crime thrillers take place in Topkino and Schikaneder, among other places, but this is not possible due to the current circumstances.

You can set up a small home cinema at home and cheer with friends until we can storm the cinemas to watch the crime mysteries again in autumn, just in time for the start of the semester.

Rahlgasse 1, 1060 | Margaretenstrasse 22-24, 1040

A Käsekrainer, please!

We all know it all too well: Saturday night and after a glass or two of gin and tonic, sparkling wine, blisters on our feet from shoes that are too high and sweaty from dancing, there is often only one feeling in our stomach: Hunger! And we usually crave something really hearty.

While you often raid the fridge at home “in the country”, you are in better hands in the big city: The legendary Viennese sausage stands and kebab stalls are still waiting for you at this ungodly time with their “Eitrigen“, hot dogs and “kebabs with everything”.

Considering the amount of alcohol consumed, ordering can frequently no longer be that easy and may resemble a secret message that is difficult to decipher. But we trust that the good men and women in sales have already become decryption professionals.

Escape from the city and explore new places

No matter what time of year, in Vienna you can also benefit from such an incredibly famous natural backdrop. So if the hustle and bustle of the city and university gets too much for you, pack your favourite things and a small backpack with provisions and off you go into nature.

Up on the Kahlenberg, in the Bohemian Prater, to the Kaiserwasser or in the Lainzer Tiergarten – the main thing is to get some fresh air and recharge your batteries. Here everyone is guaranteed to get their money’s worth and any feelings of homesickness are set aside.

Brunch Options in Vienna
In Vienna there is a wide range of brunch options, as well as all you can eat buffets

A kingdom for feasting

After a week full of university stress and hustle and bustle, the last day of the week is usually more than welcome to relax and then start the new week full of energy.

We love starting Sundays with an extended brunch and allow ourselves this luxury from time to time. With extensive all-you-can-eat offers, you can really indulge yourself well into the afternoon.

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