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How to prepare for the next virtual exam: Your 7 tips

How to prepare for the next virtual exam: Your 7 tips

Self-doubt, roller coaster rides of emotions, desperate trips to the library, shaking, professors who simply say “exam-relevant” in the lectures, caffeine overloads and panic attacks – as if the exam phase wasn’t already an absolute horror . Now there are even more lousy complications:

The exam is now a virtual exam, the oral exam a virtual test. You think “Aaaaaaaah”? We say “don’t worry”! Because if you prepare yourself ideally for this new state of affairs, an online exam can even bring many advantages for you.

Good things first: Exam content can’t shock you

‍A lot changes, but one thing remains the same: the content of the exams. As far as that is concerned, you can tone down the stress and calm down a bit. Ideally, go through all your notes, repeat the material, use mind mapping to get a better overview or benefit from our very latest functions for perfect exam preparation. The best thing? In our Q&A Library, you have exclusive and free access to thousands of exam-relevant tasks that you can cram and which also provide you with the correct answers so that you can always check if your work is correct.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for or have a very specific request, you can ask one of our tutors for advice right here. Within two hours they will answer you personally in the form of a video or image tutorial!

What’s new: The circumstances of the upcoming exams. But don’t panic, here are tips on how to master them with ease.

Get your documents: Cheating partially allowed!

Girl cheats on exam
Up to a degree, it is permitted to use learning materials.

Occasionally it is allowed to use your learning materials during the online exam. This type of so-called open-book exam makes it easier for you in principle, because now you are no longer forced to memorize every little detail.

But: Don’t lean too far out or be reckless. You should now use the time that you would otherwise have wasted learning about bulimia to ideally collect and sort these sources of knowledge so that you can use this advantage perfectly for yourself without making any compromises.

Write down the most important things legibly on postits, underline/mark the essentials in your notes or texts, stick colourful adhesive strips on your textbook that allow you to quickly open the correct page. At best, find out more about the exact guidelines of your online exam beforehand so that you don’t accidentally disregard essential rules. Warning! Of course, this does not apply to virtual oral exams.

It’s the environment that counts

As a rule, you will take the upcoming online exams from home using a laptop. In order to rocket-power your productivity, it is advisable to create the best possible working conditions, meaning: a quiet environment, a 1A internet connection, room-mates: throw them out or “lock them up” in their room, have ear plugs or headphones and a concentration Spotify playlist ready so that you don’t end up without a plan B if there’s an unexpected noise.

Afraid of your internet crashing? In emergencies, you can help yourself out with the data on your smartphone and set up a hotspot. At best, make sure during the days before that you keep a certain amount of data until the exam and don’t use up everything in the subway for your favourite series.

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girl studying
You got to take a minute and calm down too

Clear your head!

Did you have a habit of treating yourself to a fresh coffee in the café before the exam or to enjoy the pre- and post-exam discussions? Try to acquire a new ritual at home if your previous ones are now cancelled. It’s important to clear your head a little before the exam.

How about a short walk around the block or a fresh cup of tea? Or have you tried meditation or special breathing techniques? These can also be very helpful in preparing you for upcoming stress and concentration. Nice to know? Mental fitness is also available as an app: Try mindshine or headspace.

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Stay in contact

During this time in particular, you can quickly feel the effects of isolation; especially under these new online exam circumstances, you can really do without this feeling. But even if you can’t see each other in person, you don’t have to go through all the stress alone.

Make a virtual appointment with your fellow students even in these times and exchange experiences, fears, tips and exam questions. Always make yourself aware that you are all in the same boat, even if it feels different in the isolated exam situation.

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Start a rehearsal

Just a few days before the official exam, start doing a test run, which is particularly about going through the time, technique and your skills: Cram under real conditions, without additional, unauthorized aid or other support.

Try to simulate the upcoming exam situation as best as possible so that you can adjust to it emotionally. This could also help you to discover gaps in knowledge or to identify potential for improvement.

Making a trial run
Start a trial run a few days before. This way you will feel more confident in your performance.

Plan-A Plan-B to communicate with your Prof

Even if you have prepared everything perfectly, there can still be disruptions. Therefore, discuss an emergency solution with your professor so that you can contact him or her if the worst comes to the worst and inform them about the disruption. Otherwise, quite a few of the video conferencing tools have a chat function. But you can also try the classic e-mail.

You can do it!

Of course nobody thinks exams are great. Especially not when you’re sitting alone in front of a laptop and no one can support you with approving looks across the lecture hall. Online exams are initially unfamiliar, but, far away from the general everyday university life and your fellow students, there can also be advantages, as we have shown.

Use this and you will also win the online exam game with ease! The most important thing: Don’t freak out, you’re not alone!

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